11 weeks, 310 miles

The other day I took a look through my logs. I feel like I’ve been “back” for a while now, but taking a look at what I’ve done– I really haven’t!!

To recap:
I began running mid May. Between then and the end of the month, I averaged 6 miles/week.

Beginning of June started with a few 12-20 mile weeks. Late June was a mileage “breakthrough” for me, where I moved from averaging around 20 miles/week to a 42 mile week the last week.

July has been great. Other than the minor re-injury the first week (where I cut a 50 mile week to just 25 after I felt a little pain), I’ve been in the mid 50s for mileage, adding a little more (or longer) tempo work in each week. Mileage has been: 25, 52, 58, 55.

Guess this took me by surprise. I knew I haven’t been back & feeling fast yet, and I wondered why… now I know. I was starting from nothing 11 weeks ago, and haven’t really started “training” until this last month. So, let’s hope I can continue to build consistent blocks of training time & hope that the “fast” breakthrough comes in the next month!

Up for this week: Travelling for work first 1/2 of week, so we’re altering the hard workouts a little bit (I’ll be at slight altitude). 1/2 marathon on Sunday in Red Wing.

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