I am SOOO excited. Unbelievably excited, actually. Although I’ve done well the last 7-8 months, training alone because I haven’t been able to find anyone my speed within a reasonable driving distance, it gets old. Plus, I know I can push myself harder if I’m chasing someone or being chased.

[Aside on running in Red Wing: I loved the town, don’t get me wrong, but there honestly was no one that even ran 8 minute mile pace. I tried running a long run with a group one Sunday, specifically meeting a faster woman who was going 12 miles. We started out at 8 minute pace, but for the last 3 miles, we went between 10-12 minute mile pace, going slower each mile. I completely killed her. I felt SOO bad! She thought she was an 8/mile person, but obviously wasn’t. She hasn’t called me to meet up for a run since :)]

Anyway, back on topic. A while ago Jerry, my coach, was at a meet and he ran into the Carleton head coach. They talked about Carleton’s top women’s runner, and commented on how she didn’t have anyone to train with. Jerry suggested that I might be able to help out.

WELL, I started the conversations in earnest after the move, and it looks like I’ll be able to! Hopefully I can run with her twice a week (maybe more often, if we work well together and it works with our schedules). Need the boss’ approval on leaving early once a week (hope, hope, HOPE he says I can!)…

She’s very, very fast. 10:07 3k fast. Remember when I was pumped about my 10:23? 🙂 So, she has a lot more foot speed than me. That’s a good thing, I can use help there. I (per the coach) have more stamina/threshold strength (our threshold speeds are the same), so I think we’ll actually make great training partners.

In addition, the assistant coach, a 2005 Carleton grad, might run with me once a week as well. So, I may go from training completely alone to meeting with someone 2-3 times a week. How absolutely wonderful!

Can I say it again, YEAH!!!

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