Poll: Help Decide Craig's Facial Fate

A while ago Craig shaved his beard off for the first time in a long time. After I said I liked it, he said that he hated it. Ha.

There have been other conversations about his beard as well (weird, yes)… so, being the great friend I am, I decided to make use of my corner of the internet to help him decide what he should go with going forward.

Keep in mind that Craig is single – so that *should* weigh into your vote (guess I am biased… but just because ultra runners usually have unruly beards and that might be “cool” in that world doesn’t mean that’s what Craig should do… just saying…)

Also keep in mind that you are not voting based on the quality of the photo – rather just the beard length that fits this man the best.

Most random post I’ve ever done, and first poll ever, commence!

Full Beard:

“Full beard” (in quotations because it will get much more unruly during ski season). 

Trimmed Beard:

Stillwater race… a trimmed version of what the beard used to be

Just Fuzz:

Nice selfie

Clean shaved:

Mesa with Uncle Craig!
So serious…
So… time for a vote! Your beard opinions?!????
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  1. I agree with Heather! The full beard definitely says accomplished ultra runner, but the just fuzz and clean shaven look make him look quite handsome. πŸ™‚

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