Goodbye, 2002 Saturn :(

The Saturn had a run in with a deer Friday morning. Because it would cost at least $450 to fix, and it’s only worth $1100, I think it’s time to pull the plug.

2002 Saturn, 225k miles. I feel like I’ve lost a grandparent!

The problem?

First, I don’t know anything about vehicles. Nothing. What brands/models are worth looking at? Which have the best safety ratings? Gas mileage? The fewest mechanic issues?

Second, I loved that car (loved!), so I really haven’t looked around at ALL. I was just hoping that it would last forever, so hadn’t really kept an eye out for anything new/newer.

If anyone has recommendations on a good make/model, or a connection they have (dealership?) that I could work through, please let me know!! I’d like to give my business to someone local or a connection that someone we know has!

1. Fold down seats so we can fit XC skis
2. Good gas mileage!
3. Enough room to fit a dog/kennel and (eventually) a kid
4. Safety

Is there anything else that should be on the “criteria” list?

Prefer used, but if there is a good enough financing option for new, I could be convinced…


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    1. Yeah, I think the Prius models are on the top of our list – going to a dealership tonight to take a look at them. I think the V would be a great size for us. We'll have to bring a set of skis with us to make sure they will fit :). Do you own one? Know others that do?

  1. Rental returns. Enterprise, Hertz, etc. You can usually get a year or two old for thousands less than new. My car is a rental return and still going strong 15:years later and 142k + miles. I am a gm guy so Chevy is my choice. Malibu would be a good mid size. If you want something a little bigger than look at the Impala

    1. Really? I've always thought those vehicles would be used a little harder than someone's personal vehicle… mostly because whenever we rent a car we tend to not really "care" about it, getting it a little dirty, accelerating more aggressively, driving a little differently?

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