Training Update

Not much exciting happening around here, which is why I haven’t been writing much.  The last couple of weeks have just been base mileage with some fartlek work thrown in.  It’s actually been great.  I love “just running”, and it’s so nice not to have the pressure of hard workouts!  For whatever reason, fartleks are so much easier for me mentally.  Probably because they’re not as long and I don’t have specific paces to hit.

Every time I’ve done a fartlek workout, I’ve focused on trying to run as fast as possible.  Not sure if I actually made any improvements, but it wasn’t for lack of effort!  I know this will be a big key for me – getting  my body to be able to move faster. 

I’ve started taking my pre and post run routines a lot more seriously as well and have seen almost immediate results.  Pre-run I spend about 7-8 minutes doing a dynamic warm-up.  I’ve felt a big difference in how much more open my hips feel.

Post-run, I make it a point to eat as soon after a workout as I can.  Sometimes that means starting a run on the hungry side so I can time my calories for afterwards.  It takes a little more thought, but I’m reminded how much it can help to speed recovery.  I try to shoot for 20-30 grams of protein and 50-100 grams of carbs (the high end of both ranges when I’ve done a fasted run).  I’m currently experimenting with protein shakes, which are really great post-run.  I use Sunwarrior protein powder, which I’ve really been impressed with (not as chalky as the other brands I’ve tried… which I can’t remember the name…).

If anyone has great recipes, send them my way!!

Mine never turn out this pretty…

If you haven’t taken this seriously before, I encourage you to!  Most
recommend .5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight, and then a 3-5:1
ratio of carbohydrate to protein.

Post run, I also do my 25 push-ups and 30 situps.  I like having that as part of my “routine” so that I’m getting a bit of strength in every week without much thought.  It adds up when you’re running a lot of doubles!!

This week I’ll start my first track workouts.  The first one is a little epic… not going to lie!  I’ll also try to be better about updating this :).

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