Muddy Run

I knew that I had two workouts today, one 4 mile run and another 11 mile run. I woke up this AM and turn on my computer (yeah, working from home!) and begin to get some stuff done. It’s raining outside… ug. I’m hoping it’ll stop in time for the morning run.

I know that I have to be at Finn Sisu at 12:30 (I only have to put in a 1/2 day at work on Fridays) — there’s a TON to do with their inventory system. So, when I look at the clock at 11, I know I HAVE to get outside for a run. Except it’s not just raining outside anymore, it’s POURING. Boo! That’s the worst, trying to motivate yourself to start running when it’s raining out.

But, I get myself out the door. By 2 miles, I am completely drenched. It’s raining sheets! At 3 miles, I have to cross the road they’ve torn up (yeah construction). I hop from the grass into their construction site, and YIKES! It’s not a hard pile of dirt, it’s a sink-you-up-to-mid-calf mud hole!!! I try to leap/run across as fast as possible. Except you can’t move too quickly when your shoes sink inches and are suctioned downwards with every step. For some reason whenever I’m running through mud like this, I always throw my arms up or out. So imagine me, trying to do a high-knees survival type sprint through a mud hole with arms outstretched (and I’m sure a look of slight panic). Must have looked fairly amusing, I got two honks from the cars that were passing :).

Oh, entertaining. Now, I’m suiting up for my second run. Hoping to stay a little drier/cleaner :).

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