Another tempo run in the “bank”

Time’s winding down: just a little over 2.5 weeks to race day! That means I get to count down the hard workouts I have left. What a fun feeling.

Tonight’s Tuesday Tempo run was 2×20 minutes, with a warm up, 2.5 miles in between, and a CD, it totalled 13.5 miles. Although my legs were a little tired from Sunday’s “epic” workout, they weren’t too bad. I did the first one alone, finishing 3.28 miles in the 20 minutes (did 5k in 19:00) (6:07 pace). My legs burned a little the last 2-3 minutes (just tired), but my lungs felt really strong. I jogged back home during the rest in between to pick up Nate, and he came out for the second 20 minuter. So nice to do it along side someone!! The time passes a lot quicker. He went for 15:20 with me, and then met me with a minute to go. Again, my lungs felt really strong — I was really surprised to end the 20 minutes with a 6:01 average pace. WOW! That’s an 18:41 5k, which isn’t too shabby.

All in all, not a bad night! And now I’m also one more tempo workout closer to race day!! Sweet!

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