TNC Training Camp, May 15-17!

What are your training and racing goals this year?

I am currently about 3/4 of the way full for camp, so please send me a note if you are interested. If this is any testament to the value of camp: most all of previous year’s attendees are returning :).

Last year’s awesome crew. To say the least.


Dates: May 15th-17th

Time: Friday a run in the evening, timed around when individuals can get there. Ending Sunday around 1-2pm or whenever the morning run ends/breakfast is consumed!

What we do: 
4 workouts (Friday night, Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Sunday morning)

-Get to know each other game Friday night. Promise, it’s not an awkward ice-breaker (new game this year! We will save the hat game for Saturday night!… those returning may know why…)

Friday night “hat-game”

-Strength competition

Strength competition last year! Wisconsin-style!

-Learn dynamic stretching routines

-Eat tons of great food

The best shake makers!
May I take your order?
Sunday post-run meal!
Yay, food! Did I mention we run a lot this weekend? And eat a lot? 🙂

-“Running” themed Jeopardy. Think of your pseudo-name to play. Turd Ferguson is taken, btw. (Did I mention we have fun?) You can bring props or costumes for this.

-Winning prizes for the strength competition and jeopardy! So get your pull-ups and push-ups on, and brush up on all of your running knowledge! These prizes are worth it (thank you Feetures! socks, Generation UCAN, SweatPink shoelaces, and Nutrilite!)!

-I also want to spend time with every athlete during the weekend to talk about their goals, current training, what I might suggest for changes (if any), etc. I am focusing more on education this year. So, bring your training plan! Let me observe your form! Anything that could help you achieve your goals, I am more than happy to spend time on! For some camp participants, that is weight loss. For some, it’s that “pie-in-the-sky” running goal. You do not have to be fast to come. We will have campers from 9:30-10:00/mile easy pace to sub 2:40 marathoners. 

The coolest thing? We all work together to push each other. From a coaching perspective, it is so cool to see!

-Lastly: there will likely be other fun games and shenanigans. Because if you are going to beat your body, you may as well have fun afterwards, right? 🙂

Just for fun, a bonfire.

You know you’re interested. Email me. Scholarships are available if finances are a barrier.

See you on the 15th, right? 🙂   

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