What an incredibly busy week!


This has been an incredibly busy week!

First, my coaching has been keeping me busy! TNC now has three new members, one from Mexico, one from Alaska (returning member after taking a few months off from coaching during/after pregnancy!), and another from Florida. How fun! It involves a lot of time to look through their data, call them, talk through my philosophies, nail down a race calendar, and then sit down to draw up the plan.

I buckled down, though, and think I have them all squared away. *Wipes brow*

A third new athlete will be joining us in June as well, so there are the initial emails and the start of race scheming. I love the planning out a season, it’s always so fun! [FYI: My athlete roster is currently full]

Second, the TNC Endurance Retreat is this weekend! We are going to have a very fun, and full cabin this weekend!

Very fun group! Many of them are coming back this year, so that’s awesome!

Our agenda:

Friday evening individuals will arrive and we’ll do a short easy jog. Then, food, and a rousing game of “get to know you Bingo”! Sounds … fun… you’re thinking? Oh, but I promise you it will be! There are some fun questions!

Saturday: two workouts, one of which will be harder/longer. Then a strength competition and workout, and Jeopardy. More food, and miscellaneous cabin activities: pontoon boat riding, badminton, bean bag toss, jet ski, bonfire, and/or board games.

No wall/log sits this year. I know, everyone will be so disappointed!
More shenanigans. You can tell Jeff is just cackling.

Sunday: An easy run to round out the weekend, then even more food! Then it’s time to pack up and head back home.

The camp wore Mesa out last year! Wow.

I can’t wait! We are heading up to the cabin tomorrow evening so I can get everything ready ahead of time.

So, I should get back to working on my Jeopardy questions. Then, it’s to the store to buy food (for 11! Yikes! This will be a cart-full!)

In closing, I leave you with some cute pictures of Greta. Cuz that’s why you’re reading this, I know 🙂

Oh my… we are learning how to eat solids! It’s just a little messy! And tiring, by the looks of it!
Did I mention solids are a mess? 🙂
Solids again (note the face!), and enjoying the sunshine with M&D during their lunch outdoors!
At a doctor’s appointment. Greta is finally starting to grow “rolls”. Yay! 🙂 There’s nothing cuter than baby fat rolls 🙂

All for now folks. I need to get back to work!

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  1. Did you get that elephant/giraffe bib off Etsy? My friend has that print on her son's bumper and Boppy cover. And to think some families have 11 people in them, and they have to buy that much food every week!

    1. My mom made us a handful of bibs with leftover quilt material from Greta's blanket! I love the print! (Also love that it's big!) Maybe she should set up an Etsy shop… ha! I can NOT imagine buying for a big family. It's a chore now with just 3!

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