Our sleepy house

I’ve been tired ALL the time the last couple of weeks. Is this normal? No idea, but it’s not very cool. I don’t feel like I should be this tired… my mileage isn’t that high, and I haven’t had a ton of intensity lately. I’ve been around 70-75 (9.5-10 hours) for the last 3 or 4 weeks, and this week will be up at 90 (12 hours). I haven’t even hit the 90s yet… does that mean this is going to get worse before it gets better?

I was glad for the weekend, which gave me the chance to sleep in. Even with that, though, I was just TIRED. Saturday Nate & I went out to run an errand. We pulled into the parking lot & I literally asked him if I could just stay in the car and nap in the back seat. He looked at me like I was crazy. This was our only errand to run. I didn’t, but really, really wanted to and maybe should have — I walked around the store following him in a half-daze. I didn’t even put up a fight when Nate threw a bag of Mike & Ikes in the cart.

I’m not the only one sleeping a lot lately. I took Ellie with me for 12 of my 19 miles yesterday. She immediately ran inside, drank for a while, and then came out & fell over. Hahaha! She didn’t even make an effort to gracefully lay down. She just FELL over. For the rest of the evening, she didn’t get out of bed. Even today when I came home over lunch to get a short run in, she didn’t make a sound. Just slept soundly (she never allows me to run without her if she can help it!). So, guess my running is wearing out more than just myself 🙂

So, starting NOW, I’m going to get better at going to bed at a decent hour.

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