Nope :(

I can’t run a marathon on this leg.

I’m calling the doctor tomorrow & will wait to see what she has to say. There’s no pain anymore and I don’t feel out of place any more — the leg just doesn’t fire like it used to. So, does that mean I’m making progress? Is it worth it to try to limp along until the marathon?

I hate the whole guessing game behind injuries. Funny how this started out 2.5 weeks ago as just a really little twinge in the quad and now it’s almost totally grounded me. *Sigh*

On a more fun and less boring note (sorry to only blog about my aches and pains!!), Nate and I put an offer down on a house yesterday. It’s in foreclosure, but the seller has agreed to the price & is signing the purchase agreement. Now it moves on to the bank… hope it’s speedier than they usually take! It’s a gorgeous house, we’d be really lucky to get it for the price we offered :).

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