Too much :(

Gee, it’s been a while since I’ve written! Not good…

The last two weeks have been too busy. I see my last entry was two Mondays ago after a long day. The following Tuesday was another long day – 14.5 hours, Wednesday was 10 hours (seemed so short!) and Thursday was 16.5 hours. I was set to leave around 5:00 until I got a call from my boss to check to make sure we were reporting the same numbers (he manages the Work division, I manage Outdoor and Lifestyle). I wasn’t. He hesitated, knowing that it was 5:00 on Thursday & the presentation was Friday mid-day. He said that we should really be on the same page… meaning that I needed to change all of my data/charts. I hung up the phone & called Nate. I wasn’t going to make it to Vakava. Huge bummer, since that’s why I had put in the longer hours earlier in the week. Plus, that’s one of the few times we see each other during the week. I actually teared up, I was so overwhelmed. What I was being asked to do that evening was something I could probably spend 2 full days doing. Plus, I just felt so behind with EVERYTHING — I hadn’t had time to clean the house (& there are still boxes everywhere from the move), didn’t feel like I was being thorough enough with the work I was doing at the Shoe, and very, very behind with my Finn Sisu work. Not to mention not having worked out much at all. I left at 12:30am & only finished 2 of my brands. The 3rd shift janitor looked at me funny when I left — I startled him, pretty sure he was doing some sort of aerobic thing in the cafeteria when I walked by (although can’t be sure, my brain wasn’t working great then).

Something needs to change. I really like my job, but I can’t have it be my life. Guess that’s what everyone struggles with — finding some sort of balance. Chasing a career, balancing family, etc. Hopefully it’s something I can get better at very soon…

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