Just 10.5 weeks to go?

Did I count that right?

WOW. That’s pretty scary!

Last week went really well. I had a breakthrough tempo run on Tuesday and survived a 10k race on Saturday (my slowest ever, but who’s keeping track? :). Sunday’s long run was 18, and that went great. Legs were pretty sore afterwards — I have a lot of strength to build before the marathon!

This week’s plan is to hit around 62. I protested this a little — (really, only 62?) only becuase I felt like last week was a good week & I was ready to start on some 70+ weeks. But, after the soreness after the “long” run & Jerry reminding me how hard Daniels’ workouts for the week (Sunday’s will be killer – lots of tempo built into a 18-20 mile run), I was quick to agree. Mileage doesn’t matter as much as what you’re able to put into those miles.

On another note, my college alumni CC meet is one month from today. I’ve always looked forward to these. This spring I missed it — it was the week after I injured my hip. I was really bummed about it. I had been looking forward to trying to go for a stadium record (and PR).

I have a month to get ready. Last year I ran a 17:44 on the course, with the next runner (also an alum) about 30 seconds behind me. That same alum ran a 5k this weekend in 17:43. Granted, it was the Lumberjack 5k which is all downhill, but still!! It fired me up a little (or rather, had me hoping that I’m going to start to get faster soon) for the race! I at least want to be able to make it a “race” between the two of us!!! πŸ™‚

P.S. Tonight’s run is 11-13 miles long, with 7×1 mile at tempo pace (1 minute rest). I’m really not sure I can survive…

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  1. I ran my high school's annual alumni meet for 25 years and then the coach stopped inviting me because it was getting hard for him to hear the kids say, "Dude, we totally got smoked by that old guy. He's older than my dad!" Little does he know I've slowed down since then!

    Daniels' workouts always seem to become races for me. In this weather, good luck keeping the pace!

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