Quick update so you don't keep thinking that I've died

I’m alive and well. As well as could be hoped, I guess. 

Coming back to running has been harder than I would have thought. I don’t think I’ve ever run so few miles in a week… to the point where it’s scaring me a bit! But they are getting a little better each day, and I was warned at the hospital to expect a week ( or more! Yikes!) before I was feeling back to normal again. 
So, today’s 20 miler was cut to 12. The legs started to “come off” at about 11. Not sure what that feeling is all about – its like I lose control over them and they become sloppy. I can tell I’m a jerkier runner then, which feels weird since I usually pride myself on running smooth and efficient. I really don’t know what this is- from dehydration earlier? (I did need 2.5 IV bags when I went in), general weakness from the stomach bug/colon inflammation? Who knows. Wish I knew more about the human body and how it heals from things like this… And whether how I feel now is normal. If you’ve ever felt something similar, please comment or reach out!
So, I will continue to run easy (like, seriously, EASY) until Sat when I will try my first workout. Sort of a scary thought… Not sure how quick I could move now… But I have 2-3 days, right? 🙂
I had already planned on going down to visits parents this week as my sister is visiting from Denver and my mom took vacation for the week. So, of all weeks to have really “down”, I was lucky. 
Until I write more, here’s a picture of “the girls” and I with our in process and finished dessert. YES, I washed, hulled, and sliced those strawberries with BOTH of these crazy two with me :). Best Aunt award!
Sierra, the 3.5 year old, kept saying “we’re a good team!” Afterwards. Ahahaha!!! Wonder who she picked that up from 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up! I hope your workout goes well this weekend, but don't push it too hard! I know it's oh so tempting to jump right back into the groove of things but sometimes are bodies need more time… you know that of course. Your nieces are too cute!

  2. I think your legs feeling "jerky" means your electrolytes are still abnormal. That's why you can't control your muscles as well. Take it easy, and please try the probiotics. I don't think they will hurt. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. I did a race earlier this year and I had the flu but didn't know it when I started. I got myself totally dehydrated and electrolyte depleted. Made it to the hotel but fainted the next day at breakfast and ended up in hospital for 2 IVs and the the whole kit and kaboodle that they run you through when you faint. It was horrible and I hope to never do it again. But more to the point it took me almost exactly a week to recover to the point of feeling not wobbly. And then basically by the end of the next week I had some power back. I think it takes that long to heal and convince your body that you've got enough energy stores in your muscles to go strong again. Good luck recovering.

  4. This is a bummer, Nichole, though I am glad to hear you are feeling good enough to run again. The jerky leg thing reminds a bit of what Flo from Girl in Motion went through a year or so ago. Check out her blog from that timeframe and see if anything resonates. Unfortunately, I'm not sure she ever found the cause even after spending a lot of time in the hospital. She did get a lot of different possible diagnoses which may be helpful. I see an earlier comment about probiotics. That makes me think of a book I just read by Mary Roach called Gulp. When she got to the colon, the last few chapters as it were, I recall the scientist she talked with saying that probiotics are all marketing and of little to no value for improving our gut flora. The bacteria that do the lion's share are in our colons which is an anaerobic environment. All orally administered probiotics are of course aerobic. The only effective way to get the "good bacteria" into the colon is through the other end (fecal transplant), which is actually wildly successful at treating people who lack the essential bacteria to process the contents in their colons. Gross, but, hey it works! Not saying you're going to go there, but you might at least pick up her book. You'll understand the human body a lot better in the end (no pun intended)!

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