2nd appointment

I went in today again. The adjustments they did were much more minute, and I have a good feeling about them. I’m a little sore in parts of my back and butt, which I think is good. Hopefully my body is reacting to being put back in place.

There isn’t any leg pain any more. Even the nerve sensation has gotten better. My leg/hip just gets pretty tight after running a few miles and then it starts to lose power and turn around at a different rate than my healthy leg. With the decrease in pain and how she was able to move me today, she said that I should start to ramp up my mileage again, even if my leg isn’t working 100% right. I’m skeptical. My leg doesn’t turn over well when I know I’m out of place, and I feel like running on that will only cause a different injury. But, I’ll trust her opinion and give it a try. Right now I’m dangerously close to the marathon. I’ll have to slowly build my mileage up again only to have a mini taper to the marathon. Not ideal in any way.

One of the thoughts I’ve had is to switch to the Des Moines marathon. It’s 2 weeks later than Twin Cities. I emailed them today explaining my situation. We’ll see if they’ll let me in. I had thought about switching earlier this summer. It was weird… Jenny, my training partner, asked me again about Des Moines (we had discussed it earlier in the year), and I told her I had decided on TCM. She was surprised and suggested I look further into Des Moines. I came home and for the next two weeks felt really strongly that I should switch. It didn’t make sense since I already had an entry to TCM, it’s local and family were already planning to watch or race the 10 mile because I was running the marathon. So I talked myself out of it. But I just REALLY wanted to switch, a feeling I’ve never had before…

Anyway, I’m just rambling. What I’m trying to get at is that maybe “someone” is now REALLY trying to get me to switch? Cruel way to do it, if you ask me. But, there’s also a VERY good possibility (and almost a certainty) I’m just imagining things and trying to find a reason for this injury.

One other thing I’ll comment on: There is no better feeling than being in shape and on top of your game. That “exhausted legs/lungs” feeling is the best… I hope I can always compete/train, in whatever form that may be. I really miss that feeling even though it’s only been two weeks, and can’t wait to get back & hit the roads.

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