Foot update – and looking forward to training again!

Since I know everyone is dying for a foot update (and another lose-your-lunch photo), here it is:

Doesn’t it look great?

I’m pretty amazed at how quickly it has healed.  Interesting to watch it heal from the inside-out, actually.  The far left side is almost healed to the original skin levels.  Crazy!

3 years ago, I was the slowest healer on the planet.  Bruises would take 3 weeks to go away.  This would have taken a long, long time to heal.  So – readers – next time you think that calories are calories, think again!  Eating good wholesome food does so much more for you than keep your weight in check.  I noticed that the first time I tried running 90+ mile weeks on healthy food and comparing that vs. my packaged food days.  I recover between workouts, have less inflammation, can handle way more miles consistently without feeling run down, and now this – a bad blister has healed faster than I would have thought.  What a world of difference.  Are you convinced?

Almost looks runable, right?  I’ll have to get Dr. Nate and Genius Jerry’s okay tonight, but I think tomorrow (Fri) may be my first opportunity to workout.  Any doctors reading this that want to give their opinion?  I’ll likely elliptical since then I can use the foot/leg as more of a “club”.  I wonder how soon I’ll be able to start pounding out the miles.  Although it looks great, I know the flesh behind what has healed isn’t “tough” yet (i.e. wouldn’t hold up well to pounding).

I can not think of anything I’d rather be doing now, though (although time to catch up on the house, work, errands, etc has been SOOO nice!).  When driving into work this morning I looked down at the black highway pavement, a little wet because it’s above freezing, and the bright winter sun.  Ahh, I thought to myself.  To be out on a 22 mile tempo run, pushing off the highway with power, fluidness, sun beating down on my shoulders – I can not wait :).

In the meantime, I guess I’ll enjoy at least one more evening run/workout free.  I’m anxiously awaiting Jerry’s spring marathon plan and am curious what he thinks will be best.  I sent him a ton of thoughts yesterday (will post here later).  My thoughts were a good track speed cycle (although not full of 200s/400s since my marathon legs never seemed to come around to them last spring) – but also said that if I should spend this winter/spring just putting in a ton of miles and “strength”-type workouts that I’d be totally game for that too.  I trust in whatever he thinks will get me to that May and October start lines healthy, strong, and FAST (even if that does mean 200s/400s, I guess :)).

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  1. Hey now!

    I had to steal a look, esp since it's been crammed into a shoe all day. No one saw, promise 🙂 (although now, everyone saw… so does it matter? 🙂

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