Grandma’s marathon: 2:47:09, 11th place

Quick update before I do my typical race blog — I finished in 11th place (just 30 seconds out of 10th, 40 seconds out of 9th, ug!!) in 2:47:09.  It was perhaps my worst race in the last year and a half – my legs felt dead from my short warm-up before the race :(.

The most painful stat is that I lost $33.33 per second to the 10th place finisher.  UGGGG!!!  I just didn’t have it.  Even if I would have raced my trials time, which was also not a great race for me, I would have been in that top ten.  Guess that means I need to work with Jerry to go back to the drawing board to figure what isn’t going 100% right.  I refuse to be so close to the podium next time.  Seriously.

I’ll obviously take the next couple of days to digest the race further, to reflect on what I could do better, what I did well, etc.  But in the mean time, I’ve already begun to get excited for the next cycle :NYC marathon’s professional women’s division.  I’ve been extended an invitation, and am more than excited to train hard and race to my ultimate there.


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