Things here are CRAZY busy, but in the best of ways! In running-related news, I’m seeing progress in my running/paces and hip rehab, so that’s good.

After a 50 min HR progression elliptical workout at the YMCA.

I wish I had taken more time to capture workouts in blog posts since I know the post-partum journey back to competing is filled with a lot of ups and downs. But eh, can’t go back. Instead, here are a few 1k repeat workouts that show progress.Guess I didn’t realize how many times I’ve done 1ks in the past several months!

Workout 1: Mid-Jan (3 months post-partum): 5x1k, averaged 3:56.4. And then threw up on the cool down. That workout hurt, not in the best of ways. Blog recap here.

Workout 2: Late-Feb (4.5 months post-partum): 5x1k, averaged 3:54.2. With Jeff, on the roads vs. track.

4 weeks after previous workout, 2.2 second improvement.

Workout 3: Mid-March (5 months post-partum): 5x1k with 400m recovery, averaged 3:49.8. Blog post recap here – done in the evening with Nate and Jeff, running from Children’s Hospital.

3 weeks after previous workout, 4.4 second improvement.

Workout 2: June 6th (7.5 months post-partum): 5x1000m – averaged 3:47

Email to Jerry:

5×1000: 3:47, 46, 47, 47, 48. R leg held together okay, I had trouble controlling it after 800m so really slowed during the last 200. I can’t wait until I have two good legs/hips to carry me!

I felt a little more spring in my step for these than I have in any workout since Anna. Maybe because I am done nursing?!?? I am hopeful, it was a fun feeling!

~11 weeks after previous workout, 2.8 second improvement.
(Not much given that amount of time, which is interesting. I attribute that to struggling to control my hip/leg during each repeat – I wasn’t able to run fast enough to fully make my lungs burn)

Workout 3: June 20th (8 months post-partum): 8x1000m – averaged 3:44!!

Email to Jerry:
Remember last time I did 1ks and I was excited about 3:47 for 5 of them?

3:38 (I can’t remember what I used to do these in, and probably shouldn’t look, but I’m thinking even being able to move fast enough for one rep in 3:38 is a good step in the right direction)

= Average of ~3:44!!!!!
Update on the leg/hip too: it was better today than on the 5 repeats I did two weeks ago. That’s interesting – and encouraging – because Monday’s first run was [really] uncomfortable [and caused a more significant limp when I started up]. enough that I moved the second run to the elliptical. Who knows. At least I can still put in the volume & work hard, either on foot or on a machine? It would be nice to be seeing more continual and steady progress, though…
But yeah, I’m pumped! I have to say, though, I thought the entire time: Jerry is crazy! 8 of these?!? 🙂 🙂

Hip-hip-hurrah for improvements! I’m racing a 5k this weekend so am excited to see what I can do!

Just because it’s fun to see everyone’s guesses, what are your thoughts on a finish time?

And — Nate will be racing the 5k as well — who do you predict will win?!?

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  1. What an amazing workout! You killed it girl! Do you have a time goal? I'm going with …. 19:06! ��

    1. I think so!!!! We do 1000s a lot in cc and in track so I'm honestly just estimating based off what I know for your 1000s- you probably will crush it and run 17, let's be honest. You are such a stud!!!! Your cc kiddos are going to be very, very lucky to have you as a coach.

  2. 18:15?! Lol idk��‍♀️��‍♀️ your �� puppy will be sad to sit this one out ��

    1. Thanks! And do you do them on the track or just measure out during the road run? I've decided my new goal….consistently run 1:45 or less half marathons. Aiming for 46 min 10k and then 40 min 10k. So obviously speed work is in my future…

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