Busy Day!

Today was a little crazy…

I ran 10 miles in the morning with Mesa.  I was surprised to see the roads so snow covered!

The sun was shining, though – what a difference that makes!

I immediately ate, hopped in the shower, and jetted up to the Cities to meet with Rasa Troup.  I’ve decided to continue to work with a nutritionist to further refine what I’m fueling myself with and also to just plain learn more, which will allow me to coach even better.  I learned a TON from Donna, but just wanted a different perspective.  Rasa does the nutrition plans and counseling for the U of MN women’s XC and track teams and was also an Olympain (3k steeple), so really knows top level nutrition and performance.  I’m excited!  I’ll share more later.

Then I drove down to Red Wing to meet Jim Patterson for a much needed hip adjustment.  WOW, what a difference that makes!  No more tightness in that right leg and glute!!

Then a fun run with two wonderful friends in Red Wing, and a trip to my favorite Wal-Mart (hey, now, don’t judge!  I was also at the Food Co-op 2 days ago… wish I could shop 100% there, but I have NO idea what that would cost us… and on my runner salary… well… Wal-Mart it is :)) to find some food to stock our almost-bare fridge with.  Nate was excited to have food in the house again :).

Colbert Report actually just interviewed a guy who paints pictures of Wal-Marts.  Video here.  $40,000 for a large painting.  Guess I’ll have to start saving.

I’m spent!  Night y’all!

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