Training update

The last week of training has been a little rough. 

It started this weekend with 8x1000m. Nate bravely ventured to the track with me. It was his first VO2 max workout, so we agreed that he’d edit the repeats to 800m and see how many he could do.

My goal was to have mine in 3:20. The first one was somewhat close: 3:22. As I started the second one, I could tell this was going to be a long day. I had noticed my legs feeling more swollen before the workout as well, and not sure if it was that (which generally marks the start of a fatigued week) or just dead legs in general. I couldn’t move.

As you can see, times weren’t exactly great after the first one: 3:22, 3:32 (coming undone so early!), 3:26, ? 3:32, 3:34, 3:29, 3:29, 3:28

He mustered through seven 800s. Impressive! Not sure on times.

Although not great, I am proud of the workout for a couple of reasons. First, I remained positive throughout. This is your job, Nichole, your opportunity to see what you can do… and sometimes your “job” will hurt and not be fun. I had stomach problems (happening more often now… must be getting old) as well. But, I sucked all of that up and just “went to work”.  No use in being negative in what I say to Nate or think to myself!

Second, I was able to turn things around after the 5th one. I dug for those! The legs were slow enough that I wasn’t able to fully burn the lungs like I’d want, but I tried to get them there on the last 3!

Then, for the rest of the week, it’s been a challenge to keep cool. We have a heat advisory until Thursday night, with temps in the 90s and dew points between 70-72. Yeah, that’s tropical. And not in the “let’s have a great tropical drink” type of positive connotation. It means even your EYELIDS sweat because it’s that tropically humid. It also means that I have to watch Mesa ever so carefully and really limit her miles. She got a little warm on Sunday – she pulled me over to the side of the road and flopped down in the shade. I don’t know if I’ve seen her do that, perhaps ever?

(Aside: Whenever I run with her in the summer and it’s warm like this, I carry a water bottle – not for me, but for her. Works great)

I’ve tried to run early and late, but even that has meant finishing my first 20 miler of the cycle in temps that felt like 92. I’m trying to drink a lot, since I don’t know if I’ve EVER sweat this much in a 4 day period of time, but I know I’m not keeping up.

Speaking of that, I’ll refill my water bottle!

For the rest of the week I’ll taper ever-so-slightly for a 10 mile effort this weekend. I am so excited! I can not WAIT to break the 60 minute barrier! Here’s hoping the heat breaks like they say it will and I’ll feel light and cool in somewhat more normal summer temps on Saturday!!

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  1. Welcome to my world, haha. Right now (1:45pm) it's 85 degrees, 70% humidity with a dew point of 70… it's pretty much like this all summer. Super fun. I like that you refer to it as work and think of it like going to work. I should have that mentality, too. Way to stick with it. It would have been so easy to just quit half way through. I know how hard it is to run in that crap so bravo missy!

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