Two great things!

So much to write about!  Two great things have happened to me in the last week:

First, Anytime Fitness in Northfield offered a gym membership to help me achieve the 2016 Olympic trials standard.  I am super excited about this, for several reasons.  First, I am a complete gym rat and love nothing more than to hang out in a gym, lifting, working out, stretching, etc.  I ALWAYS find I do more when I’m there.  Second, this cycle I’m going to be doing a lot more strength work and the later phases have me doing lifts that I’ve never really done before (i.e. squats! Yikes!), and really need help learning how to do these safely.  Plus, I don’t exactly have the equipment to do squats in my basement :).  Third, I love that you can come in ANYTIME of the day, and that they have facilities all over.  No longer will I have to wonder where to workout when I go home to Marshall and they roads are too icy to be run-able.  Yipee!!!

Second, I received the most fun email on Friday afternoon – I was accepted as a Brooks athlete for 2013!!  I threw my hands in the air when I saw the email come through.  I had been waiting, nervously, all week (knowing they would send out the notices sometime) – and when Friday morning had passed and still no email, I had told myself, “Well, it’s okay – you probably just missed their time cut-off (typically an Olympic Trials time will qualify you – and now that it is sub 2:43, they may have lowered their standards).  So, I told myself that I’d just snag my 2:42-something this year and re-apply next year.  Except – I don’t have to!  I am so very excited to join their team (the most wonderful people – Kristen C, Ariana, the Brooks guy at CIM who helped me (sorry I didn’t get your name!)), and to represent the brand.  Run Happy!

All for now – more about goals/the plan going forward sometime soon! 🙂

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  1. Is it just me, or are squats an awkward motion? For some reason I can never remember how I'm supposed to move my body, so end up looking ridiculous :). Give me a couple months, though, I'm sure they'll become tons easier!

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