Stunt Puppy!

I never would have guessed that our dog Mesa would snag a cool sponsorship before I did!

While out at OR (a trade show in Utah) I was browsing through some really cool dog gear made by a company called Stunt Puppy. Their stuff is so cool – extremely purpose built (seriously – every stitch and design component has a specific purpose), made for people that are running or active with their dogs.

I’ve run with Mesa since the day we adopted her. In fact, our first run was 9 miles, when we stopped only because I thought it was unnatural to run her any futher (she wasn’t even panting after 9… I knew I was in trouble then!). She now runs a lot of miles (probably 50 or so a week? That’s more than most humans!) & LOVES it :). It’s pretty fun :). I’ve always used a regular leash, mostly because I didn’t know what was available. My inlaws bought me a Ruff Wear stretchy leash/belt thing for Christmas last year, but it was so long that Mesa would practically be running in the middle of the street (doesn’t help that both of us are smaller, so an already big/long product looks even bigger…). I tried to loop it around my waist to shorten it, but it’d always come undone or get tangled. Ug. So I’d revert back to the leash, sometimes switching off every 3-4 miles on a run with Nate because my arm would get a little tired. It worked, though. And Mesa didn’t have any complaints πŸ™‚ (other than when we’d end our run :))
Anyway – back to the trade show. I was chatting with Stunt Puppy’s founder at the booth and found out that they were actually based in Minneapolis. When I mentioned that I was also from MN, had qualified for the trials, and ran most of my miles with Mesa, they asked if I’d be willing to test out their gear & give feedback on new products. Of course!! I am beyond thrilled to do so (as I hope Mesa is!!)!
They first gave me their original “Stunt Runner” to try. What a difference from the Ruff Wear version!!!! Much shorter, and much better tension. I can actually use it for daily runs! And wow, what a difference — runs are SO much more enjoyable with her now! They also have a prototype that’s shorter and tighter, which I’ve found to be my FAVORITE so far. It keeps Mesa close, but allows her to move up and back without affecting my pace or stride. *Love*
I have a few more products to test out, which is super fun. I’m just excited to have something that works SO well for Mesa and I, and also help develop further products.

(Photo above from our “Photo Shoot”. Ha! Who would have thought I’d EVER say that :)?!? This is with their original Stunt Runner product) I honestly think Mesa knew she was modeling, she behaved and ran better than she ever has before :).
We have already made an appearance on their facebook page. Please all “like” their page. And if you have/run with a dog at all, seriously, check out their stuff. You’ll love it!

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