Day in/Day out

I’d forgotten how much time and mental energy is involved with training for something!

My weekends feel so much shorter now that I’m putting in a medium long run in on Friday night (13 or so) and a long run (19-20) on Sunday. That eats up so much time! It’s also really time consuming to plan my day/week around my training plan. Friday, for example: work until 2, then quick run (quick is relative for 13 miles :), then hop over to Finn Sisu to tie up some loose ends, then groceries, then etc… if you’re not careful, you can easily “not find time” for a workout.

I’m also tired much more often. Like, seriously tired. This weekend I slept 11 hours one night, and my brain was still in that “I-hurt-because-I’m-tired” mode when I went out for a run. I hate that. Wish I didn’t require so much sleep. I could be so much more productive during those hours!!!

But, day after day, I’m trying to fit everything in & think I’ve been successful so far. Now — to fit in 50-60 miles between now and Saturday, and hopefully not entirely kill the legs before Sunday. I’m racing the Human Race 8K and would LOVE to set a new PR there (currently 30:29). But, I also know putting in another good quality high mileage week is more important, so I’ll try to balance both.

Hasta luego!

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