Mileage… is this what makes a marathoner?

I took my first day off in 18 days on Friday (too long, I usually only try to go 2 weeks, but hadn’t been looking at my training log). I tried to do a threshold workout on day 17, and felt like I was working harder than I should have been. My lungs felt fine, but my legs couldn’t move quick enough. Why do I feel like I can’t move any faster? I thought to myself: I need to work on my flexibility. I remember this feeling: whenever my mileage gets higher, I feel like my legs swell to the size of tree trunks and they begin to move SLOWER. Whether that’s the case or not, I have no idea (I’m sure when I taper down, I am actually faster, but I feel pretty slow during the higher mileage weeks).

I looked at my training log after the workout, and realized that it had been a long time since I had taken a day off. That could be it. The tempo workout averaged 6:07/mile (2×2 miles @ tempo). Not terrible, but I’d like to be closer to 6:00. It was windy, and the majority of the tempo work was into the wind, but still. I need to be closer to 6:00, no matter the terrain or weather.

Hopefully the mileage and the lack of a day off explains the sluggishness I’m feeling. I’ve logged a lot of miles lately, at least for me (this isn’t even that high in the grand scheme of things! I don’t know how others are able to log 100+): 85.5 last week, and will be near 75 this week (and 75 the week prior to the 85.5). Jerry and I decided to keep this week higher than I normally would (given that I’m going to race on Sunday).

Given I can stay healthy, milage at this level so early is a GREAT sign. I hope it’s making me strong, and not making me slow (I often wonder… if I ran 10 miles/week less, would I be able to NAIL my tempo and interval workouts ??). I have no idea. I’m shooting for a max weekly mileage of 95 during this cycle, which I’ll plan to hit twice (per Daniels, unless Jerry makes changes). For the upcoming weeks, it looks like it’ll be 67- (next week after the race) 95 – 86- 76- 95- 86-. Holy cr@p (sorry for the explative). That’s a lot of consistent mileage. I really hope it’ll make me strong/fast.

Anyway — my thoughts are on the race on Sunday, especially after today’s “tired” run. I ran today (~13 miles, with some fast striders). I feel sluggish/big/inflexible. Ug. I do not feel fast, which I was hoping to after taking a day off. Oh well, guess we’ll see what’s in store for me Sunday. I really do love racing, It’s such a great way to gauge where you’re at & a great opportunity for a hard effort. I’ll lay it all out there, but I make no promises of a speedy time 🙂

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