It’s been a while…

Well, I survived the Birkie — yeah! The first 15k were pretty ugly (my legs felt terrible and didn’t exactly remember how they were supposed to move), but then it was pretty easy. Thank goodness I’m fit and my legs are strong from the running I do. I think I finished 190th or so for women. Last year I was 100th, so a bit of a decline :). Oops!

Afterwards, I happily put my skis in the basement, intending to only bring them out if I feel really inclined to go for a fun ski. 🙂

Meanwhile, the marathon training plan is in full swing. 75 miles last week, 85 this week. Wow. If I really hit 85 this week, that’ll be the highest I’ve hit this early in a training plan (TCM’s max was 83, and I hit that just once). I’m actually handling it really well. The only thing I’ve noticed is that my legs seem to be larger than normal — I feel like the muscle fibers are swollen, sort of bulging out of their normal casing (NO idea what is actually going on, but this is how I picture it…). Probably just from using them so much, as well as doing leg-specific strength, which I’ve never done before.

Otherwise, nothing really of note. My days are pretty dull… lots of work, running 1-2 times/day, 2 or more hard days a week, and trying to sleep a lot. I’m really tired more often now, and need to make 8-9 hours of sleep a night a bigger priority.

Sorry for the boring post, but wanted to at least post something so it didn’t look like I died at the Birkie 🙂

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