Legs feeling good — too good?

The first couple days of this week were lower mileage, a sort of recovery half-week. The good news is that my legs have responded well (good sign that I haven’t been over-training).

I’m a little concerned that they’re feeling too good. Today’s 15 miler felt effortless, and I was clicking off the miles at a 7:29 average. Weird. I emailed my college coach to ask him… when you have days/weeks like this where you’re feeling good (because it’s a recovery week & you’re supposed to), is it best to still stick to the plan and your normal paces? Or just go by feel? Today’s 7:29 felt a lot easier than last week’s 13 miler at 7:45.

The other question I asked him was: maybe my medium long run paces should be closer to 7:30 now (used to be 7:45) because I’m a little faster and have faster goals?

If anyone knows the answer, please comment 🙂

Like I said, I’m a little concerned that I might be too fit too soon. Guess there’s no way to really tell if I’m running well now & will continue to improve & run well into late May (May 22nd, to be exact) — I don’t remember a time when I’ve been too fit/fast too early and then have died later in the training cycle… so I don’t know why I’m a little worried… just had that thought/feeling today during the run.

On another note, I chaffed REALLY bad today on the run. Wow. It was warm, 70ish degrees, and I know I’m heavier than ideal now — both lead to chaffing of the thighs. At my turn-around point in my run today I stopped and hiked up my shorts as high as I could. Somehow I felt like that would help. Then I decided to see if I could tuck the part that was rubbing up into the rest of the shorts. Negative. So, just going to have to deal with it. I was running a little weird on the way back, legs hitting a little farther apart than normal 🙂 I told myself that this was good practice for the marathon, in case I chaffed bad during the race or had some other type of pain (blister, side-ache, etc). Good to have to run uncomfortably everyonce in a while, I guess.
Reminder to self: on warm, longer runs, wear spandex!! Or bring body glide!

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