Going for a world record!

What?  Indoor Marathon World Record Attempt 🙂

When?  January 6th, 2013. 6:30 am (ouch)

How? 150 laps on St. Olaf’s indoor warm up track (USATF certified marathon).  Switch directions every 30 minutes.  Run under a 3:08 (which, knock on wood, *should* be doable… but I also now have serious doubts about my ability to stay mentally focused for so long and also to handle the heat and dry indoor air)

Who?  Me and 43 other crazy people!  I hope there’s a faster guy that I can work off of.  That would at least make it somewhat interesting.  Last year Randy Peterson won it overall in 3:10.  Here’s hoping there’s a 2:50ish guy this year :). 

Say what?!?  Yep, I know you’re thinking about this… 26.2 miles indoors?  What about aid stations?  Never fear, there are SIX HUNDRED of them.  Seriously.  One every corner of the track.  I’ll have to think through this – probably just have a lot of cups at each that I can dump over my head (again, very worried about over heating).  Maybe I can lay out a few gels on the tables as well?  What about splits?  The St. Olaf women’s team counts laps for you and records your splits. 

I’m a little uncertain on how my brain will handle the boredom.  I’ll have to chat with Dr. Asp, I’m sure he’ll have some good ideas on how to just zone out for the first two or so hours :).

What are previous marks in the indoor marathon?  http://arrs.net/AllTime/AL_ITMar.htm  

I still need to do some work to make sure the course is “legal” (although, I’m assuming it is if it’s on the list above?).  It’s longer than the 201 meters they reference here: http://www.arrs.net/WG_Rec_ENG.htm.  It’s 282 meters, actually.  Hmmm… yeah, definitely need to get on that.  Anyone know Ken Young’s contact information?  He’s the head guy at the AARS that decides on things like this.  I’d hate for them to rule like they did here:  http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/lifestyle/38224409.html#!page=0&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst.  I don’t want to go through all of that pain and not get the record!

Star Trib article from last year: http://www.startribune.com/local/south/136398263.html?refer=y

(Note:  the information actually states that we’ll run LONGER than a marathon. 
“Yes, you will run 62.805 meters further than a
certified marathon course (42,195 x 1.001 = 42,237.195 meters)…actually further
than that because you will not be able to run in lane one all the way….BUT, you
will have a great adventure!”  Well, good to know ahead of time, I guess!)

Obviously, this is not an “all-in” focus race for me.  I’ll taper a little bit for it (it’ll be a great chance to see if I like a less severe taper), but my main focus is a spring marathon, logging good base mileage and speed work.  So this marathon will be about 3 weeks into solid training for me.  This will be one of those “I just have to – because it’s crazy” type of events :).  Plus, you have to go for a world record when it’s within your reach, right?  Even if it is in something like an indoor marathon? 🙂

So mark you calendars, ladies and gentlemen!  I’ll see you there!  (bring a book to occupy yourself for the first 2 hours of the race! :))  If you want to stay at our place the night before to minimize the earliness of your waking hour, just let me know!  We’d be happy to house a crowd!!

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