1 down, 2 to go…

I know after TCM there was some back and forth on this blog about the latest research behind carbo-loading. I decided to stick with what had worked for me with TCM: 3 days no carb (to completely deplete your body of carb stores), and then 3 days all-carb (your body over-compensates by packing in the glycogen (and also stores water w/ the glycogen)).

I’m through day 1 of the no-carb diet, and it’s awful. I’m really not a protein/fat eater, so to make an entire day’s worth of calories out of foods like that isn’t appealing at all.

On the bright side, it does help me to lose that extra 1 pound before race day. Basically because I don’t really want to eat more than I have to because 1. I don’t really have loads of chicken breast in the fridge waiting to be snacked upon, and 2. the foods I can eat really aren’t appealing to me. So, just 2 days to go. I can do this, I can do it…

On another topic, weather for Two Harbors and Duluth looks spectacular! 50 degrees at the start, little bit of a tail wind (9mph is what they’re calling for now, who knows what it’ll actually be). Some chance of storms, so the air is more humid than ideal… hopefully that part will change. The rest can stay exactly as is!

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