Random Finds in 2016

I’ve had a good first half of the year in terms of random stuff found while running! It started by collecting coins (too many solo miles in the winter/early spring months!). So far that’s amounted to $3.77 in change.

Seriously. Today I found a jar of change in a free pile (along with some chairs, an end table, and a creepy looking “Vote for pedro” covered hand). A JAR OF CHANGE.

I dropped it off at Tom’s Bicycle Shop downtown. It wasn’t super easy to carry with me, that’s for sure :).

I thought my changes of collecting $10 by the end of the year had been dashed after the street sweepers started working – but now I might be well on my way!

Just 2 days ago, I found this lounge chair. A perfect size for Greta! Craig said Greta has enough sass to pull off a chair like this. Ha. It’ll go well with her pink cowboy boots and her walking swagger she’s recently discovered.

Now… this chair was still a mile away from the church. SO – I awkwardly ran with it for that long. I don’t recommend it.

I also wonder what people were thinking as they passed me??

Another key find earlier in the year. Perfect for baby #2! Not sure if I knew I was pregnant here or not… but I already was 🙂

And these…
Craig had actually been looking for a Xmas tree topper! I don’t know if I had been yearning for a penguin hat, but you know… 🙂

(Might have been at the end of 2015… not sure)

Your turn:

Guess how much money was in the jar? It’s in a quart sized mason jar, mostly pennies with a few dimes scattered throughout. 
I’ll bring it to the bank on Monday. Person closest wins… the pride of guessing closest!

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  1. You are definitely a friend of Jeff… Yesterday, he brought home a vase of flowers that he found out running, but I'm pretty sure you've put him to shame with that motherhood of change. Weirdos!


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