Blog Rehaul?

I’m considering re-formatting my blog. Otherwise, I just need to update and clean up this blog and template. I like it, but haven’t touched it in over a year and it shows. I just need to sit down and re-familiarize myself with HTML and I could fix a lot of the little things that I’ve left alone over the years.

Wish I knew more about HTML. This is a big task for me!

What am I looking to do, you’re asking?

– A cleaner look

– The stretched-out look of pictures in the rotating banner and on the post highlight has always bothered me. I don’t think I know enough about code to fix this in my current template

– Be able to do fun sidebar posts of “10 unique gifts for your runner” or “10 quilting gadgets I’m loving”. I think I could do this with my current template.

– Clean up my coaching and athlete tabs/pages

– Somehow have a sign up for the TNC quarterly newsletter, separate from getting my blog updates. Wonder if there’s a way to post the newsletter here when I send it out… that could be something to add to the coaching tabs

– Strava gadget (follow my training). I tried adding it today but can’t get it to show my RUNS instead of my RIDES. Grr.

– Link to Facebook or twitter posts?

– Create a fun “Nichole Running” header with pictures (do away with the rotating banner I currently have) – focusing on what “Nichole Running” now is: all of my running, including actual running, coaching, running around/adventures with Greta, “running” with my mental health, and then just all of the other fun-running things I like to fill my time with: crafting, quilting, house projects, eating healthy, etc. It would be a header something like this quilt blog – or this one.

– Regarding above, is there a graphic designer out there willing to help me?!? Send me a note!

– I don’t know how to replace my current text in this template (Nichole’s Running Journey in red cursive) with a banner or picture. I can just change the type of, and size of, text. I wonder if I could delve into HTML and figure it out… this is a likely shortcoming of my current template.

– A shop to sell TNC gear and quilting/sewing projects. Sort of my own Etsy shop. An option to take custom orders would be ideal.

– Clean up the running while pregnant tab. Add blog links, and then add a lot of the information I gathered from doctors and other high-level running friends. (Just have been lazy about it and need to get to it!)

– So much fun to scheme! Other ideas? Comment below!
Does any of this mean I need a new template? No. It’s just fun to start over and start fresh sometimes! I’ve posted my top options here. You’ll get a much better template view by clicking on the hyperlink. Please vote via a comment below!

#1: Loveria – still has the rotating pictures, but it’s cleaner than my current template.

#2: Blogstar

#3. Central

#4. The Last Piece. This isn’t a template, but I love the look of this blog. I can’t figure out what template she is using. Help?

#5. Personal

#6. Charm

So – help! None of these are perfect, but neither is sticking with what I have. So: keep my current template and just clean up content/work with it? 

Or try something new all together? If so, which template? Are there others out there you like (please send!)?

Any ideas/suggestions/tips greatly appreciated!

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  1. Another option is moving to WordPress. Does anyone have experience with that? What are the pros/cons of moving? I've heard WordPress is a lot easier to work with and more customizeable.

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