Hurry up and Wait

2 more days! I can’t wait! I’m just excited to race, lay it all out on the line, and see where I’m at. Can we fast forward to Saturday, please?

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this here or not, but I’ll be running with Brenden Huber, the assistant Gustavus coach. I’m so lucky to have him helping to pace and push me through. We’ve mapped out each of our roles (luckly my role is just to stick on his butt & not let him get away from me). I’ve also been in contact with a group of other women from around the country that are looking to qualify. Nice to have a pack to work with for encouragement, support, etc.

Update on the weather: low 50s at the start, dew points in the high 40s. Winds from the ENE (some say NE) at 12-13 MPH. Can it be any more perfect?

Things are coming together for me to have a great race! Just have to make sure my body is feeling good — not sure what I can do to ensure that (can I help guarantee not to have a stomach ache? Cramps? GI issues?).

Left to do: make sure to HYDRATE, pack up tonight (including getting my bottles ready, writing down some key times, getting Gus ready), get to bed early… and relax and enjoy the rest of the week/weekend! After all, this is just a race, and the whole point of running and racing is to enjoy yourself and have fun 🙂 (in fact, for all of the times I’ll write down, strategies I’ll map out, one of my MAIN goals is to be running with a smile on my face :))

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