Left in the dust

Nate and I went out on Sunday for a run together. We decided to put a few hard miles into the middle of our run, up Flower Valley Road. If you happen to run all the way down that road, it ends up to be a 4.75 mile run back up it… ALL uphill… quite the training route! We head partway down and started the threshold.

I struggled to keep up from the beginning. At first, I told myself, “ah, he’s just starting off too quickly. Can’t wait for a mile to click by & then I can show him”. But, that mile went by — and I wasn’t showing anyone anything. At 1.5 miles, I gasped that I’d only be able to make it another 1/2 mile. He agreed.

With that, he took off. I tried to go with him, but I couldn’t. At 1.75 miles, I looked up at him in front of me and just stopped. I’m gasping for breath, much harder than I have in a long time. I look down at Ellie, who is disturbed that not only is Nate running and we’re not, but we’re BEHIND! I had to start again. I made it the last .25 miles up the hill, but it wasn’t pretty.

Nate headed home after the threshold & I continued on to get a few more miles in me (he did about 7.5, I went on for 13). It’s been a long time since Nate’s been able to crush me on a long hard workout!! Not good!! 🙂

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