going in to see someone…

My leg isn’t getting better. On my run last night I had to stop 1.25 miles early because I was having pain down the backside of my butt and down my right leg. Nerve pain would start at the butt/hip and move down the right leg. The weird thing is that yesterday my IT band was SOOO tender to the touch — today it’s just a little sore, but the nerve thing is now here. That’s a pretty scary pain, not going to lie. I’d much rather have IT band issues.

So, the injury has moved around a little bit — which leads me to believe that it’s an alignment problem. I’d been cracking it a lot lately, and every time it’d be a really loud adjustment with an immediate relief of pressure. I called my doctor and he agreed on the alignment guess (in the SI joint) and pulled some strings to get me in to see someone tonight. It’s nice to know people — without him, it’d be a two week wait).

So, going in tonight, wish me luck. Keep posted for updates…

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