Lots of Product Reviews

Here’s a round-up of a lot of products I’ve been able to try in the last couple of months!


Short review: Love it!

Longer review: Buildasign.com contacted me to see if I was interested in trying out any of their products. They print everything from business cards to car magnets to bumper stickers to signs to decals and MORE. I decided to opt for a banner, since I thought that would be fun for training camps and races I’ll host.

The process was super easy. I uploaded my logo, chose a background color, and added text. My only complaint: the design tool was a little cumbersome and text options were a little limited (so I couldn’t find a match to the “Team Nichole Coaching” text I usually use). But, really, it’s simple and easy to use. Just trying to write a thorough review.

I had my banner within a week, which was impressive. The quality of the banner is great as well – I had one individual ask me where I had mine printed! I would definitely print any future banners with them.

The banner turned out great!

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me to test; I did not purchase the product.


Short review: Like it, but with reservations on its price

When I was contacted by PepPod to try their product, I was completely skeptical. PepPod is a tablet that dissolves in water and provides vitamins and caffeine. I actually thought it would taste a bit like the Emergen-C tablets I have around the house (NOT a fan)… but, I’ve learned to at least give things a try…

And I am surprised to say that I liked it!

I’m always a fan of ways to flavor water, and do a lot of Crystal Light or Mio drops. This provided something different: it’s fizzy and satisfying in a different way. The mild citrus flavor is great as well. I found myself looking forward to drinking a glass every day, not kidding.

I have used Hammer’s Endurolytes Fizz tablets in my race bottles before during hot marathons to try to increase my consumption of electrolytes and sodium. I will stick with that product for training and racing in the heat, since I like the electrolyte composition in Hammer.

The only thing I would change would be that I would make the flavor a little stronger. The price is a steep as well: they sell for $45/ 30 tablets… perhaps that’s in line with other energy drinks, but it was a little bit of a sticker shock for me. It might be fun to have other flavors as well.

I also wish I would have tried it warm, as apparently the flavor is really perfect then. Next time!

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me to test; I did not purchase the product.

Road ID:

Short review: Love it!

Nate bought me a Wrist ID Slim from RoadID this Christmas after my “laying in a ditch then being transported to the ER” episode last summer.

I love it! It’s easy to slip on and off, and it’s small enough that I don’t really notice it.

I had to exchange the small band Nate bought for a medium, which surprised me. Just as a note for those ordering for themselves, I think the bands run really small.

I then won a certificate for a free product at a race, so decided to have fun and get the Scout ID for Mesa.

So proud! Take note of her shiny new Stunt Puppy collar as well!

Pros: It fits more info than any other dog tag. We fit her name, address, two phone numbers, and the tag line, “I like treats!” on the tag 🙂

Also, Mesa doesn’t jingle anymore because the Road ID tag fits right over her collar. YAY!!!

*Disclaimer: We purchased or used a race gift certificate to purchase the product.

Get Fresh Feet: Relief for Tattered Tootsies

Short review: Mehh…

Get Fresh asked me to try out their “Feet – Relief for Tattered Tootsies” products. I didn’t hesitate! Any runner knows how ugly their feet can get…

It came in an awesome package, and as I opened it I thought, “Wow, wow!!! This would make such a cool gift!”.  I’d likely never purchase something this fancy for myself.

There are three products inside the bag:
1. Softening Foot Gel
2. Foot Scrub
3. Intensive Foot Repair Creme
Plus a pumice stone

What I liked:
My feet were actually much, much softer after using the product, which was so nice!

A portion of their sales go to military charities that help Wounded Warriors transition successfully back into civilian life. As so many of my family (Dad, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles) have served, this is very important to me.

What I didn’t:
I didn’t know when to use it… if I used it at night before bed, my feet would still be a little slimy/slippery for my morning run. I obviously wouldn’t use it before a run, and after a run my feet are a little wet for a while…

The scent is a little strong for me since I’m used to fairly natural scents. Nate is even less used to scents, and commented that he thought the products smelled like Fruit Loops. Now that he said that…

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me to test; I did not purchase the product.

Brooks Transcend:

Short review: Not a fan, although can’t fully review because I’m pregnant.

I was excited to try out “the latest and greatest” from Brooks! I have run a lot of miles in their old Trance model, and the Transcend is its replacement.

Loves: It’s so much lighter than the Trance! It’s very cushioned (I noticed much more forefoot cushion that any of their other models), and also much more flexible and has less stability which I appreciate. Plus, it’s fun that it’s so bright 🙂

Dislikes: It has the same bottom material as the Trance, so I’m finding that I wear the tread down faster than my other models especially when running on hot pavement.

My biggest dislike, is that my toes fall asleep in them for anything longer than ~40 minutes. I don’t know why this would be: is it because they have more forefoot cushioning and that prevents me from flexing/pushing off hard like I usually do? Or another reason?

I’m not sure if it’s fair that I’m doing a shoe review at 21 weeks pregnant, though, so I’ll make sure to re-evaluate again in a few months when I’m running more normally 🙂

That’s it for now, folks! Have anyone else tried these products and have comments to add? Alternate reviews/thoughts from those above?

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  1. Working at Fleet Feet, we've also had very mixed reviews about the Transcend. Some people really liked it (most of these folks weren't in a pair of Brooks before) and others really, really hated it. They *are* bright/fun colors though!

    1. Thanks for the comment! What are the reviews on the shoe? Is it common to have your toes fall asleep? (I'm thinking that might be a pregnancy/different stride sort of thing) Would love to hear others' comments, good or bad!

  2. Cool! How did you score all these items? I would agree with the first comment, not a lot of people like the Transcend. A lot of people can't get past the color, but they don't seem to fit all that well either. People love the Adrenaline though! I was wondering how you got that banner–so cool!!

    1. Adrenaline for the WIN! I'm also a huge fan of the Ghost, and love the T7 as my marathon flat.

      Buildasign.com (as well as the other products) found me. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I'll take it – I especially LOVE the banner!

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