Anna Update – Day 13

We are hoping she will be able to go through the night tonight without oxygen! The respiratory therapist took her down to room air as of 2:00 today, and so far, so good!

No oxygen, no head bobbing, sleeping peacefully – she is looking great!

That is such great news, since earlier that day her pediatric pulminologist had said that it would likely take them 2-3 days to get her weaned off of high-flow (pressure to deliver oxygen to her lungs) so that she could go home on just oxygen. Then he recommended she stay home from daycare for about a week after she is weaned off of oxygen – just to allow her time to get healthy and STAY healthy for a while.

In the PICU around day 7. Wrapped in a knitted blanket from Grandma Karen and a prayer shawl from Bethel.
Trying to convince her to stop coughing – and to keep down her dinner! – late last week.

As you can see, she is definitely looking better now!

I knew it was going to take her a while to get over this, but the news this morning hit me harder than I expected. I think it’s mainly because although we have done well “patching together” our lives for the last two weeks (yep, two weeks at Children’s already!), I had been looking forward to getting our lives back to normal soon. Hearing that we should expect another two weeks of hospital care/home from daycare was… well… lets just say that I teared up thinking about another two weeks of this and couldn’t stop crying. 
Training has gone well here – getting outside everyday, sticking to my plan, and believing in my goals has helped me keep it together through all of this.

Thank you to all of my super star workout partners willing to meet me at the hospital to run!

What an emotional roller coaster this has been. Let’s hope for a great night tonight!

I’ll recap my recent training soon – last week I managed 44 miles! Woot, woot!

I’ll also explain this picture :).

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