Nutrilite Product Review

I’ve always wondered if the quality of vitamins and supplements mattered. I mean, what’s the difference between the $2 bottle of multivitamins and the $20 (or more) bottle?

Luckily for me, Hilary reached out to me to give Nutrilite’s products a try.  I would never have splurged to try it otherwise.

First, what makes Nutrilite different (and worth the investment)?  They’re #1 in the supplement market, so must be doing something right.  They don’t just extract the vitamins to put into their products – they take the excipients with it.  So, while you can simply take the vitamin C out of an orange, there’s probably something more around that vitamin C that makes it more effective and more natural for you to digest.  They also put 20 phyto-nutrients into their multivitamins and are the only company to put more than one or two into their products – they’re mostly extracts from fruits and vegetables.

I was able to try five different things.  Here’s what I found!

Double X multivitamin – You take 3 vitamins TWICE a day.  That is a little scary for me – seems like so much!  But, I swear I felt a difference and had more energy on them vs. my generic Wal-Mart multivitamin.  I was really skeptical when Hilary told me this is how she felt on it, but did find it true.  I wonder why?  I noticed the difference post-runs (i.e. not as wiped out later in the day), but there was probably a little boost running as

It has me wondering if the investment to get through Chicago would be worth it (it is spendy)… which is saying something!

Digestive vitamin – This was also great.  I have trouble with my stomach a lot of times where food will just sit in me and I can
tell it’s just not digesting things.  Anyone else out there that has the same thing?  I’ve used activia in the past but that is impossible to run hard with since your stomach basically is churning the whole time.  This is easy on the stomach (no churning at all!) and has helped with digestion tremendously.  Wa-hoo!!

Protein Shakes – hands down, the best I’ve ever had.  Not exaggerating! 🙂  Very nice to have a convenient and immediate post-run recovery meal when you’re pressed for time.  I’d prefer to make my own, but these are so great when you’re in a pinch and you didn’t make something beforehand.  And again, they are SO great tasting.  Makes me want to play with my homemade protein shake recipe.

Sugar free sports drink
– Also, great!! Loved the flavor and very easy to digest.  You can tell they know what they’re doing with their products.  Even the orange, which is typically not my favorite flavor, was great.

Fish Oil – The only thing that I can’t point to and say “I see a big difference”.  But, I took it with everything else (Double-X), so could also have aided with energy.  Jury’s out.

Hilary’s been nice enough to offer anyone reading this that wants to give it your own try a generous discount if you order through her (or perhaps you’re already using some of their products, but paying full price? Yay to saving money).  You just have to mention that Nichole sent you :).  Her email is: hilary (dot) [email protected].

Also note that these are the products that Kara Goucher uses.  Cool, eh? :)*Disclaimer: This product was given to me to test; I did not purchase the product. Since this post, I have become a Nutrilite sponsored athlete.

Curious if anyone else has tried their products and seen results?  Or if you’ve had experience with better quality vs. cheaper (does that mean lower quality? I really don’t know) supplements?


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