A Whirlwind of a Week

Seriously. Life needs to slow down. Someone asked me what my 2017 goals were. I said that I wanted our lives to slow down and my running to speed up. I thought that summed up my goals pretty well!

Anna was discharged on Tuesday. Yay! She is now doing great and eating like a horse.

Anna is feeling so much better! She is smiley now, which is a lot of fun.

We went in for her 2 month appointment (only ~3 weeks late…) and it looks like her growth is a little stunted because of her time spent ill. She’s not even remotely close to being on the growth charts. She’s now 20 inches long; she’s grown an inch in 11 weeks. Greta was 18.5 inches at birth and 21 inches long at her two month appointment (Anna was 11 weeks when we went in), just to give you something to compare to.

Now… I know we produce short kids… but this isn’t normal, even for us. The doctor said she’ll make it up but it might take a year or two. Her weight is in the 4th percentile, which surprised the doctor. She really hadn’t eaten much for the last 3-4 weeks. Imagine where she would be if not for being sick!

At the clinic waiting for the doctor.
I want to EAT that pacifier!

She has that good chunky-baby look to her now.

We spent a wonderful weekend down at my parent’s house celebrating Christmas and the New Year. It is really fun to watch Greta play with her older cousins. She even had the concentration to play Hi-Ho Cherry-o with them and Uncle Bob (with assistance).

Greta has now started playing board games. She definitely needs help (no, just two cherries, Greta!), but is patient enough to wait turns and follow directions. We’ve also played Candy Land.
Her first New Year’s Eve celebration. She did all the celebrating – every hour practically – while her parents just willed her to go to bed. Ug.
I honestly have never seen her eat that much in a ~12 hour period. She was up so often because she was STARVING. And what goes in must come out… lots of clothing casualties as a result :/.

One of the running highlights was a 12 mile run with Bart (former TNC athlete), Leighton (cousin), Nate, and Ben (brother). I averaged 8:01 for the run, which is great! My easy pace is starting to come down closer to 8:15-8s now. I also wasn’t nearly as beat up as my first 12 miler last weekend. After that one I was SO sore and achy for the entire rest of the day. It was actually sort of a fun feeling – because I really don’t ever get that sore anymore. Unless I have a baby and take 4 weeks off of running :).

In other life updates, we are starting to feel the crunch of finishing the new house and packing up everything in this house. We close on Feb 2nd, giving us just a month. Yikes!

Cabinets arrived at the new house! Wow – how exciting!

We also got some unfortunate news last – the builders updated the new house closing date to Feb 10th. Yep, you heard that right. We’ll be looking for a place to stay (and a way to store all of our stuff!) for ~8 days (potentially longer, new construction dates are all just a bunch of estimates!) *Sigh* We thought there was no way the closing date would be pushed beyond February 2nd when we signed the purchase agreement on this house – since it was originally before Christmas, then January 6th. Ug. Guess we just needed a little more excitement in our lives!

All for now – I’ll try to recap training soon!

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  1. I agree with Lisa! How great to hear you are home and hope things settle into a routine … maybe in March!

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