Motivation Monday – Hurt Like Hell!

A great miler back in the 80’s had a great quote in an interview that
has applications to many areas of life and sport.

I’m re-quoting via Elite Marathoning’s FB status update this weekend:

[The Miler] said
“going into every race I resigned myself to the fact that the next 4
minutes were going to absolutely suck and hurt like
hell, but I was going to do it anyways. And since I was going to do it
anyways and since it would hurt just as much if I finished 1st or last,
I might as well finish first so at least there is a bigger reward for
doing it. I would think of that on the last lap if someone tried to to
pass me – ‘hell no’ I would say, if I’m going to hurt this bad I am at
least going to get the win.” 

Get after it. Welcome the hurt. Remind yourself what your end goal is!

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