Through the craziness of last week, which included a 3rd week-long hospitalization at Children’s complete with an ambulance ride up there and an all-nighter, I ran with a little more spring in my step.


I was thinking about my goals for this year and into 2018. As my feet slap the pavement – tap, tap, tap – I think to myself: wouldn’t that be just fun?

I’ve said it before, and those that know me will totally agree. I am so goal oriented. Probably to a fault. Give me a goal, especially a lofty one, and I’m happier than ever to chase it. I attack the daily grind of reaching that goal with vigor. I wake up every morning and think: how can I get this done? What can I do to make myself better/stronger today?

Anyone else out there like that?

Without further ado, lofty goals for the next 12 months:

#1. Break the world record in the 1/2 marathon while pushing a double stroller. 

Currently the record is 1:47:51 by Susie Fox.

I thought: What better record to try to set? We have two small kiddos and periodically run around the neighborhood with a double stroller. The interesting part of that is that up until deciding to try to break the record, I hadn’t ACTUALLY pushed the stroller on a run. Maybe a mile here and there, but nothing of note. Leave it to me.

Once I decided to try to break the record, I’ve been pushing the girls with some frequency – even pushing a training partner’s 5 year old during my lunch hour runs. Nate says that I should try to break records in all things that I dislike doing… because then I turn to doing said thing with gusto.

I’ll be attempting the record at the Get It Dunn 1/2 marathon in Menomonie, WI on May 13th. I spent a lot of time researching courses and contacting race directors to see if it would be possible to break the record. Turns out, there aren’t many courses that:

1. Are relatively flat and protected from the wind (a double stroller is a SAIL! I tried pushing it into 15 mph winds one day and was completely gassed after going up the smallest of inclines.)

2. Allow strollers, either because of the size of the event or because the trail isn’t wide enough to easily accommodate a double stroller.

3. Are USATF certified

4. Occur early this Spring. I figured that it would only get harder to break the record as the kiddos both grew. Granted, I will be more fit as the months go on… so maybe that would negate the weight factor…

I connected with an AWESOME race director at Get It Dunn who is going to certify the course for my attempt. How cool is that? She also is setting up a speaking engagement for me during the pasta feed the evening before the race. We will then stay overnight in Menomonie and hopefully set a record that next morning!

I’ll write more about the details in future posts. In the mean time, please consider joining me! Seriously, take a look at the race. It’s fast, flat, and proceeds go to M.O.M, a great organization that focuses on community betterment and personal wellness. They’ve already donated $50,000 to things such as educational and life scholarships, summer camper-ships, scholarships, and need-based and holiday gift initiatives. The race director is SO passionate about her mission – it is great to be able to be a part of her initiatives!

You could run along side me, maybe even entertain Greta during the 1/2 marathon? I’m hoping I can get Anna to fall into a deep milk-sleep for the race… but both kiddos could provide for interesting wrenches in the racing plan. Your distraction could really help us.

If you want to register, use the code: RECORDBRKR!

#2. Sub 3 at TCM. Nuff said! I’m also hoping to qualify for their elite wave by running a sub 1:24 half this summer. Being able to have dedicated elite porta potties is SO NICE. I will forever be spoiled.

2010, the last time I raced at TCM. This was my first marathon under Jerry’s guidance and I was surprised to find myself closing strong and finishing top Minnesotan in 2:51.

#3. Dare I say it? A 50k Road National Championship?!? 

This is the goal that I’ve recently been mulling in my head. Could I do it? It’s held in March every year, usually in NY. Last year’s details are here. It’s 10 laps of a 5k course, which sounds dismal but I’m okay with repetition (I am the former world record holder in the indoor marathon, after all, and I don’t know if anything could be more torturous than 150 laps on a square-ish indoor track). Elevation change seems mild for this 5k loop.

Results from last year are here. The winning woman averaged 21:18 per 5k, which is 6:51 per mile, just about 3:00 marathon pace. Interestingly enough, Devon finished in 2nd place. I was supposed to room with at the 2013 NYC Marathon (but it was cancelled). Apparently she’s super tall and I’m super short, so we would have made for awesomely-paired roommates.

I digress. These results confirm: it’s a huge stretch. Probably not feasible, but I’m okay with that. I’ll just tuck it away in the back of my mind just in case it becomes feasible.

Let’s go!

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  1. Woah! Instead of running goals I'm excited to attempt Grandma's Half again. I hope to run in 2 mile increments for training because anything more seems to aggravate my knees. I also need to finish my MBA program, and find a new job. Different goals, but hopefully someday I'll be able to have 3 awesome running goals like you! Can't wait to hear how the stroller half goes!

    1. Grandma's 1/2! I wish I was doing that this year; that race (and the full marathon) are my favorites!

      Where are you going for you MBA? That will feel so good to complete!! Been there!

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