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Nordic Ski season has started, just 2 weeks after the Cross Country Running season ended. Not nearly enough time to get myself organized, catch up on things, etc, especially since there was a cross country banquet, end of season book to create, and a 5k fundraiser I needed to direct for the Nordic team in those two weeks. Plus a Bethel budget meeting to prepare and present at. Hence the lack of blogging. Ha!

But, Nordic is going really well. The team is 3 times as large as it usually is, with many new skiers (many cross country runners trying it for the first time, imagine that!). My only regret with taking over the Head Boys and Girls Nordic position is that it means another 13+ weeks of just “surviving” (in terms of feeling like I’m just barely getting what needs to be done, done – if that makes sense). But, it will be a great way to keep myself super busy during the winter months which aren’t my favorite months anyway!

Below was the kids race at the Frightening 5k fundraiser for Nordic. Despite the stress of organizing it, I walked away saying, “that was a lot of fun! Maybe I will do it again next year…” (since the week leading into the race I told Nate I would rather donate money NOT to organize the race :)).

Running has been going well. I’m still not quite over the disappointment of that green-snot stuffy-head cold for TCM. 2:52… sigh. Was I in 2:49 or below shape? I really believe so, but there isn’t a result there to prove it. Alas, I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, putting the work in I know I need in order to continue to drop time in 2019.

Mileage is in the mid to upper 60s on 6 days with 2+ hours of skiing/week, all singles. That mileage seems low for me, but I also can’t really find time to fit in much more! I also have been struggling a little with motivation, so even though a part of me wants to start doubling and pounding out mileage, the smarter part of me knows I’m just not ready yet. So, instead, I’m working on VO2 intervals and threshold with a 12-14 mile long run each week.

My threshold runs are done via HR – up to about 188 BPM, 190 at the very end. Those have been anywhere between 6:20 pace and 6:45 pace (on my tired weeks) for 4 miles. It has been fun to watch that pace come down since Grandma’s in June, so I know I’m moving in the right direction!

Random picture: Nate took the time one evening to hang up many of our marathon and ski posters on a wall in our workout room. He has a spacial-relation skill that I do not possess… it turned out great!

There was one weekend that SkiErg hosted a 1k sprint competition so Nate had me practicing my double pole on our machine leading up to the competition. I ended up improving down to 5:03. So close to sub 5! Maybe after a couple more months of time on snow/practicing. It’s been fun to have brought a little bit of skiing back into my life this year! 🙂

In October I traveled back to Marshall to watch my high school cross country coach be inducted into the MHS Hall of Fame. Of course, I cried through his entire induction speech. SO many fun memories from my 6 years under his leadership!

Greta turned 4 and Anna turned 2 in October. Their birthdays are just a day apart, which is super convenient from a party-planning perspective! Just one party! I found this sequence of pictures funny. Greta is our very smart, thoughtful, sweet girl – but more afraid of trying new things. Anna is sweet, but stubborn when she wants something, and very adventurous, sporty, and in general, up for anything!

So, first we have joy… then when the candles are lit and they’re asked to blow them out. Anna is all about it… and Greta…

Anna helped Greta blow her candle out :). HAHA.

Also from the party: pinata fun!

All for now. Up on the docket for workouts this week: A 14 mile long run, 1k repeats, and 3×1 mile tempo intervals. Plus, coaching at my first high school ski meet (I’ve never actually been to one/seen one… hmm…), closing November’s financials at Bethel, reporting result of a campaign, and probably a little skiing of my own since Nfld got 6″ of snow this weekend. Should be another busy week! Promise, it won’t be so long before the next update — and I’ll write more about workouts, goals, and races :).


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