Exciting News – Brooks!

I’m so excited: Brooks just offered a great product/shoes sponsorship to get me through to NYC!!!

I’m hoping to be able to join their elite/sponsored team in 2013 (this year I was too late in applying – didn’t know I was even fast enough to be considered until meeting other women at the Trials – bummer).  Instead of waiting until January 2013 to officially start with their sponsored team, they were able to put something together to bridge the next 4 months or so. I’ll be doing some blogging/writing for them in the next months: about
my progression as a marathoner, about my NYC training plan, and then
something after the marathon as well.

Thank you to Kristen Carter for her help in making this happen!!

Another fun fact:  Jerry emailed me today to give me the surprising factoid that I’ve averaged 97 miles over the last 10 weeks.  WOW!  No wonder the legs are a little tired πŸ™‚

Run Happy!

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