Motivation Monday – Be a Relentlessly Positive Light!

Beware if you click on the video below at work… you may need access to a kleenex!

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I will encourage you to watch the video before reading… then I will make more sense.

I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to train, coach, speak, volunteer, and pursue “the dream”. My main mission through all of that, as high as my personal athletic goals are, is to truly make a difference in the lives of others: to live their dreams, to be giddy with excitement as they race (Tina!), to cry with them through bad news (Kara and Sharon… tear…), to feel the excitement of starting a “plan” (Tom and Amy! And soon to be Lindsay and Stephanie!!), to nudge them to do the uncomfortable (Rael – you KNOW what I’m talking about!), to run stride by side through their challenges (Claire and Meg!), to develop a long-term runner/racer (Kieran, Sumner, Tristan and Belle!), and to reach up on my toes to give the BIGGEST hug after triumphs (Sub 3, Jen and Michelle!!! OTQ, Angela!). I aim to create something larger than myself – a community of individuals supporting each other and reaching higher than they would have thought possible. *Love*

I can’t even begin to describe how deep of a passion this is and how big of a change this is for me. I have always been this “go-go-go” person, seeking the highest/best in everything – summa cum laude, exclusive internships, MBA, promotions, big salaries, big 401ks… But now that I step back from all of that buzz and noise, I’ve experienced the best reward. Have I fallen off the deep end? Perhaps.There is no real financial “reward” for what I do now, but I am more fulfilled than I have ever, ever been… if I died tomorrow, I would die a happy gal :).

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I often wonder why I was given this opportunity… Brooks and other sponsors have been so GIVING and supportive… and I am not THAT fast… but I honestly believe it was a gift to allow me to start doing what I was perhaps meant to do.

Please, take some time this week away from the holiday craziness to truly make a difference in someone’s life. Connect with them. Stop the craziness for just a minute or two to send a note to an old friend. Stop by to visit someone in the hospital, visit a new baby!, or drop by a house with a homemade gift basket *just because* 🙂

Love one another. Be a relentlessly positive light. Encourage. Run happy. Make a difference in the world.

 PS – Perhaps comment to let me/others know what you’ve reached out to do? That would be fun!

Sorry about the annoying last 15 seconds :).

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on Kleenex! Glad I watched this over my lunch break!! 🙂 I am beyond blessed that I know you and follow this blog!!!!

  2. Through running or personal life I always find your words as an inspiration to my life. Every time I read your blog I feel happier and sometimes burst out laughing (how does 8 in the oven turn out to be 5 on the table? :))) You make me want to become a better person. My good deed for this week: Donated all of Barbie's old clothes and toys. Shared a couple of slices of Chicago pizza

  3. What a great post today, Nichole!! I loved it! I am trying hard this season to show the people in my life how grateful I am for their presence and support. While I wish I could take each one of these lovely ladies for coffee in person, I am taking in Starbucks gift cards for each of the ladies who work in the YMCA childwatch area. They take such good care of my girls and allow me to get in a workout or class – without them I would be out of luck when my husband is traveling for weeks at a time. I am so thankful for them. Thank you for this post and helping us to work on giving to others this season! P.S. – The members of Team Nichole are so lucky to have you as a coach! Your passion shines through in your writing and I know they will benefit so much from being around such a passionate and motivated coach!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment!! Awesome to hear that you have the support system to help you through workouts! What a wonderful gift to the YMCA childwatch individuals! What a wonderful idea!!! Also, thanks for the note about "Team Nichole" 🙂 That means a lot!

  4. Wowezers. What a great way to end a fun day. I had a blinder out skiing today and finally started to feel in ski shape for the first time all year. Then I come home and get to read this awesome post, and watch that incredible video. I think I will have to watch it again right before bed tonight so that I can try to dream of it while I sleep.
    ps Motivational Mondays may be one of my favorite things to read after or before a hard workout, Keep them coming 🙂

  5. I am all about the Motivation Monday posts. You have found some good stuff lately! Between these and the weekly recaps you have a pretty good format going.

    I will say I am always impressed at what a good attitude you are able to maintain even when everything may not be going perfectly. It helps that you truly love to run, and sharing that love is completely natural to you. And so I love how nearly every day you smile at me and tell me how much you LOVE what you are doing now. Keep being that relentlessly positive light! 🙂

  6. This is a great post. I love reading your posts and following your journey. I feek that in serving others you truly find yourself. Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases

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