Training Update – Week 4

42 miles – woot, woot!

Big week, eh? Except it actually felt like it! Since when did 42 miles become hard? 🙂

Workouts this week:
Mon- 6 easy – this SUCKED. I did it indoors since the windchill was -15. I run differently on a treadmill vs. the roads, so not only was my right leg rebelling against me, but BOREDOM was a definite factor. Plus, I could feel that I’ve gained a bit of weight (totally okay with it during off-time, but haven’t really “felt” it until I run in sports bra and shorts on a treadmill!). Miles feel so much LONGER on that thing. Gross. Angela K, how do you do it?!? I vow to head outside from now, no matter the temp/wind. I have gear and footwear for it. So why opt for the TM?

Tue- 7 w/ 5 strides afterwards. Pretty sure the strides were ugly, but oh well – I tried!

Wed- OFF! I actually really appreciated the timing of this since the high for the day was 0^ :). I slept in, cleaned the house, brought out Xmas decorations, ran a few errands, and cooked. *Love*!!

Thur- 8, first 4 easy, last 4 moderate (165, 180bpm). OMG! I wasn’t sure how I’d take this workout, and dreaded it a little. It was my first “harder” workout back. Truth be told, though, I LOVED it!!!!!! I truly love working by HR now (and need to – I’d be so disappointed knowing my pace associated by these HR efforts – I know too much 🙁 ). I stopped a bit during to work with my R leg/hamstring/glute as it’s not functioning 100%, but this workout was a success!! 🙂

Fri- 6 miles easy (actual: 6.2 with Mesa and a friend, av. HR below 160! Could have been frequent stops, but oh well 🙂 My friend was running with her newly adopted Vizsla!!!!!! (jealous!))

Sat- 10 miles, mini progression. First 5 easy (HR 165), last half a little more uptempo (HR 180). I did this while Nate and Craig raced at Elm Creek. It was fun to see different scenery. I don’t know if my legs appreciated the consistent slippage (a bit of new snow overnight), but oh well…. my HR was where it was needed, even though paces were dismal)

Sun- 5 miles EASY recovery. I went SO slow.

Other life news:

I picked out fabric for my next quilting project! I am such a home-maker now — but love it :). I still need to piece the back for my double Irish Chain, but having the “next project” here motivates me to finish the last project!

I was able to shop for fabric with my aunt, who is a quilting/creative/fabric genius. I kid you not. She is just awesome, and I learned a lot by following her around SR Harris (a great fabric warehouse for those that are in the TC area and haven’t been! Plus, cheap!!)

WOW – I am overwhelmed by the options!

And, if I can make a plug for Mesa and I… we are entered into a contest for dog/owners for a free year of oil changes at CarTime. If you would be so kind as to donate ~1 minute of your day and like our entry, I would LOVE it!!! (I think that’ll bring you to their site- you will need to scroll down on the right hand side to find our entry… it’s pretty far down). It’s between Mesa and I and Roscoe and Jayda. They have 54, we have 47. The race is on! Appreciate the help (Not sure Mesa will even understand… she’s thinking oil changes? But I will! TRULY!!!)

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  1. I can't decide if it is better to run outside *really* slowly due to the weather conditions or go on the treadmill and be bored out of my mind. I think I'll have to start using the treadmill more this winter. What exactly is your "so slow" pace? Oh, and have you been using your UCAN during mileage like this?

    1. In my experience, it's a combination. I think if your goal is aerobic base for the winter, then running outside (no matter how slow) is best. There's something to be gained with the push-off and terrain variety. I'd recommend scheduling in some progression runs or fast finish runs into the mix outside so that you don't become "too" used to running slow, though.

      That is – if you don't have an early spring "A" race. Then I'd recommend more on the TM.

      Today's 5 mile pace averaged 8:54. Yikes! Granted, it was all on loose-packed snow (with YakTrax), but still, that's really slow for me. My goal for the day, though, was to keep the HR BELOW 165 and to have it be a true recovery run — so pace truly does depend on the "purpose of the day".

      UCAN – I've started to use this post-run this week. I'll start to use it consistently before/after every workout next week… I just needed a break (and to not worry about energy/weight/fueling 100% correctly, etc.).

      How is the weather in AK?

  2. You are amazeballs, girl! This HR training sounds like a great fit for you and just a nice, fresh approach to running. I am excited to see what else he has in store for you and how you respond to all of this (and I KNOW it's going to be with more and more PRs – KNOW IT!)

    1. Heidi – you are so KIND!! I absolutely needed the switch to a new coach and new approach. I asked for the change to HR since paces were just not fun to see anymore. It's fun when things are new again – and then exciting! Otherwise, I was just "going through the motions", if that makes sense. Are you working with a coach? Looks like you're doing well/feeling super strong. That's awesome!!!

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