Motivation Monday – Nate’s ski season

I’ve been really impressed with Nate’s ski training and racing this winter, which ended this Saturday at the Birkie.

I think he has had the best overall season  he’s ever had. It’s been fun to watch!

Nate winning the 35k skate at Mora!!!
The podium at Mora

It always does amaze me how beautiful Nordic skiing can be. Individuals gliding over cordoroy-groomed snow, powerfully pushing off with each pole plant and diagonal stride (or double poling, striding uphill). Absoluely gorgeous.

Everytime I watch a race I’m tempted to take up the sport again :).
Nate didn’t have his best placement at the Birkie (51st), but considering he broke a pole 400m into the race (of a 50k!) so started as the last possible elite-wave skier (200 of them), he did amazingly well. It takes so much more energy to move up through a pack vs. work with packs your speed, draft, taking turns leading, etc.

I’m the first “cow” in line, SO nervously handing Nate his gel at OO (aprox 1/2 way into the race). You can see Nate’s arm in the far left. This is stressful!

Nate getting his feed from me… yikes.. glad it worked. There were a lot of Gear West skiers that missed their feeds at the same location… does that make getting feeds from cows more reliable? Or just more ridiculous looking? 🙂
Craig has a PHENOMENAL finish in the Birkie Classic racing, finishing 10th overall. WOW!
I’ve also been impressed with Nate’s dedication. Often when he’d get home I’d already have my workout/workouts done for the day, and it would often be really cold out (not to mention… dark).

So, my motivation lately has been admiring his own athletic journey and accomplishments. Congrats on a great season, Nate!

At Seeley Hills Classic

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