An overdue update!

Let’s start with life updates, since that’s more fun than describing training miles 🙂

Life updates:

Nate finished his awesome Nordic ski season with a 51st finish at the American Birkiebeiner! He has had a great season, as recapped here.

Other than that, not much has been going on in our house… seems like we’ve either been prepping for, or recovering from, a ski race, so I am (selfishly) excited for the ski season to be over.

Thursday and Friday last week we received 10-12 inches of snow. Trying to earn my “good wife” gold star for the day, I decided to try to shovel to save Nate’s Birkie muscles :). He rewarded me by buying me a Diet Coke and Reese’s :).

[I am currently out of diet soda and, per the grocery game, am not buying any… so this was a special treat!]

Not going to lie, after the second day of shoveling, I was pretty sore. Guess I need to either 1) start doing more strength work or 2) shovel more often.

At least all of the snow has made for some very pretty runs! Thank goodness for my Yaktraks!

Still no car… we haven’t had much free time, either evenings or weekends! I think we are going to make a point of going up to the Cities this Thursday, though… EEEEKKKKK!!!!! 🙂

Top of the list: 2012-2013 Prius!!!


I’ve been motivated lately by the thought of a “crazy” ultra-marathon. I know my main goal is the 2016 Trials standard, but something about the new-ness of this goal excites me to get out every day… so I’ll take it.

I haven’t registered for anything yet, but I DID ask Brooks for their two different trail shoes. Does that make it official???

I asked for the Cascadia:

Thoughts? Experiences?

And the Pure Grit:

Again: thoughts? Experiences?

I’d appreciate insights with either!! I’m really excited to get them and try them out… too bad I won’t really be able to test them out on anything resembling a trail until June, practically, with how much snow we have!


I recently explored the potential of team partnerships.

I’ve negotiated team rates with the best (IMO) massage therapist in MN, Lynn at Massage Geek. She will help our team tremendously, and is offering a team rate that will allow individuals to come in more often than not! Thank you, Lynn!!

I’m also partnering with UCAN and Seven Sundays for some fun discounts and samples. Lucky us, we will be able to have a Muesli fueled training camp this summer!

All three individuals/brands are things I believe in 100%, so I am beyond excited to be able to bring that to TNC Endurance!

I’ve also started profiling TNC’s athletes monthly. This month, read up on Belle and Michelle!

I also picked a weekend for a training camp, to be held at my in-law’s cabin near Hayward, WI. It should be a lot of fun – lots of miles, lots of food, and lots of good conversation, I’m sure :). The camp will be open to potential new athletes as well – more to come on that in the following weeks!

Last, have to mention it here: Sharon did an awesome post yesterday as well (thank you, thank you!)!

Think that’s it! Gotta run! 🙂

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  1. The only thing I would throw in about trail shoes is if you are going to be running on rocky trails, make sure the pair you have has a good strikeplate (it's a hard piece of material that protects the ball of your feet). Nothing worse than your foot landing on a sharp rock and full speed and spending weeks trying to get over a bone bruise.

    1. We will have to keep each other updated! Obviously, I'm tied to Brooks :). What are you looking at? I've heard awesome things about the Cascadia, so I'm excited to try them.

  2. Is this the Sharon that is the PhD student you mentioned at the TNC get together awhile ago? I may drop her a line on her blog so she knows she's not the only one who feel crazy 🙂

    1. I think the Cascadia's are thicker and stiffer soled if I'm not mistaken? I have a pair of these to wear around on a day to day basis, and they rock. I ran the Psycho Wyco last 10 miles with Emily (that trail race in FEET of snow) and they were awesome.

  3. I have ran races and in snow in both shoes. I vote the grit 2 or 3s. I think they stopped making the Grit 1s(they were terrible!). Cascadias are heavy and bulky. I don't mind them for 8-10miles of mud and slop but they just get too heavy. I have been wearing my grits all week in the snow. They are light and feel like my trainers. Traction is great. I can land on wet mossy rocks and not slip. We have a lot of wet and slippery here in the NW. I am not sure what you use as a trainer. I am launch girl. So grits have been the right trail shoe for me.

  4. Okay, this is the first post that I've read of yours and it's really amazing. I love all the character in your writing. I too am a skier and a runner in high school. I enjoy the sports and absolutely love competing in them. I live in Park City, Utah and my blog is about people who live there. Park City is a very active town and some of the people featured on my blog are major athletes as well. Check it out

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