Monday Giveaway – Mendota Trail Bottoms 10 mile or 5k Race!

What a better way to start out the week than with a giveaway, right?
Have you been looking for a 5k or 10 mile race distance in Mid-August? August 20th, specifically? Well, well – look no further! The Mendota Bottoms 10 mile and 5k will be held August 20th this year. 
I am contemplating doing the 5k there – or the 10 mile, but I don’t want to count on being able to do the mileage I currently am, since who knows what another month might bless me with. But — I’d really like to try it; I’ve heard so many great things about it! 
A few of the fun things: the “trail” is absolutely gorgeous… and as road-racer friendly as a trail race can get! 
Beautiful! Likely hard to get lost on too 🙂

Photo credits to the Mendota Bottoms Trail Race Website

I love their T-shirt hoodie! Super soft, lightweight, and just different from your typical race swag. *love*

Wonder what color this year’s will be…

Photo credits to the Mendota Bottoms Trail Race Website

There is usually pretty good competition, especially in the 10 miler. TNC’s very own Craig and Jeff duked it out last year, finishing in 58:12 (1st) and 59:29 (3rd) respectively. Last year’s 10 mile results are here; 5k results here.

10 mile winners, 2015. Craig is the tall one in green, Jeff to his right in blue.

Photo credits to the Mendota Bottoms Trail Race Website

Plus, it’s organized by Mountain Goat Running, which always does a fabulous job. Need I say more?

Want to run on the 20th? Of course you do! Comment below with a BEST or WORST recent workout or race story for a chance to win a FREE entry! The winner will be contacted Wednesday evening (7/27/16) – so get your commenting on!
[For those of you who may not win, I will give out a $5 off registration code. So it’s definitely a win-win!]

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  1. Ooh, I would run that race again. Maybe they will give me a shirt this time.
    Worst workout lately – trying to fly unsuccessfully while rollerskiing.
    Best workout lately – Running in circles with Jeff one day.

  2. Best marathon: ideal conditions and ideal training made for a great pr!

    Worst marathon: good but windy conditions and no weight training made for a very painful last 6 miles!!

    Would love to win the 10 mile!

  3. Worst marathon was upper 30s, 40 mph winds, on dirt (mud) roads, with downpours for 15 miles! So cold!!
    Best PRing at Boston when I thought I would just run for fun!

  4. I ran this race last year and know the Race Director. Nice race course but even nicer guy.

    Best or Worse recent workout: My first triathlon. Not sure which category this would fall into but… So it's Sunday afternoon I just got done with a 20 mile bike ride, my first one of the year. Feeling board I post to a Facebook group saying "Hey I'm heading to town to run a few miles on the trail anyone want to join. Facebook is great for a shy quiet guy like me to meet new people. Anyway two people I had never met reply, we meet up and start running. After about two miles in the heat I ask the one lady if her dog would like a drink from the nearby river. She says yes and lets the dog off the leash. Well none of us noticed the river was higher then normal and the little dog started to get pulled downstream. After I joined the dog for a little doggy paddle I jokingly say I have completed my first triathlon.

  5. Hi Nicole! I ran with you a number of years ago when you coached the Wirth Park Trail Team, and I have been following your blog since! I just had my second baby on June 2nd but I have been running again and feeling great!

    Best Workout: 2.5 mile easy warm up to Ford Bridge and Dam. Then…hill ladders! I ran a couple ladders starting at the dam and up to the parkway. I felt strong and steady…but the 2.5 mile cool down was a little rough, especially because of the summer heat.

    I don't really have a worst workout at this point. Even when it's hard, I feel happy to be running post-pregnancy and a better person when I am done!

  6. Best/worst work out: giving birth to my adorable girl. Best because labor is a pretty good workout, plus you get a bonus baby at the end. Worst, because of the long recovery from birth. So many stitches. So, so many stitches…

  7. Best: Running in the pouring rain Saturday with one of my friends and Tiny Foot. We started out it was very lightly drizzling. By the time we finished it was raining so hard I couldn't see more than a block in front of me. I think Tiny Foot enjoyed it because she slept like a rock. I had fun pushing a stroller thorough 3 inches of standing water and throwing up a huge spray.

    Worst: Last Wednesday going out for a "12 mile run" at 2:30 pm. I didn't think it was that hot. 3 miles, a few dry heaves, and a few minutes of blurry vision and a heat index over 100 later, I decided it was hot and I should head for home.

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