Spring back in my step!

Tuesday my head-cold came back. Pretty sure it’s the same bug I had before, I never really got over it. I’ve been blowing my nose for the last two weeks. Just as it was getting better, I could tell it moved into my sinuses. Ugh. Please go away! I’m hoping it leaves quickly… but I know that if anything moves to my sinuses, it’s never good.

Wednesday morning I woke up completely stuffed up. Great. I knew I had 4×12 minutes at tempo to do, and contemplated moving the workout until later in the week. Problem is, between my work schedule and the way the miles lined up, I knew today was the best possible day to try it. Just have to do my best! I took a decongestant mid-day, and that helped a ton & carried me through the workout.

I did the first 12 minutes with Simone, then turned back for 2 minutes easy. We averaged 5:50 pace for the first 12 minutes, and it felt great! The Nichole “spring” in my stride was back. Ahhhh, I’ve missed you! I’m not sure if my stride looks any differently, but it feels different. Effortless & fun. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt that way for a race or a harder workout, so it was great to have that feeling today & to be able to feel good on a harder workout.

For the recovery I ran backwards and was now behind all of the other Carleton women. It was pretty fun to move up their pack, talking to each individual runner, and then focusing up ahead on someone else. Tempo workouts are SO much easier when you have someone to run with/chase!

The last 2 were not as much fun. The team headed back to campus, and I went back out for two more repeats. I let myself slip mentally on the 3rd one, but on the recovery before the 4th one I reminded myself that I was just practicing for the “hurt” at the end of the marathon. How bad do you really want this? C’mon! I averaged around 6:07 pace on the last one, so slowed a bit (goal range is 5:55-6:05), but it was a really good effort & I was there mentally, which is all I can ask for.

Not a bad day, considering I’m not able to breathe 100% (imagine how great the workout would have felt then!). Hopefully this’ll go away soon… it’s getting really old :(.

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  1. I have to follow your illnesses to see how mine will develop! My cold started after yours and then this week I found myself sick again. Now if I just ran as fast as you…

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