Training: Week 26

My first week back post-Grandma’s (and with a plan!) went really well! I was giddily happy to be following a plan again.

Here’s a week’s recap for this almost-third trimester mama!

Sunday the 10th: 6 miles at night with Nathan and Greta. It was my first run “back” – and boy, did I feel slow! Av pace: 9:05s.

Looks like someone really liked her stroller ride!

Monday July 11th: Off

Tuesday the 12th: Another 6 mile PM run with Nathan and Greta. Av pace: 8:35s

Wednesday the 13th: 11.2 miles as a double: 6.2 mile noon run, 5 mile PM run to and from an All-Comers meet in Northfield. Nate was at ski practice, so I pushed Greta in the stroller. Wow – that makes this already slow pregnant mama even slower!

It was totally worth the slog over there and back, though. She loved it! She took home a 3rd place ribbon in the 30m dash (for girls 2-3 years old… even though she isn’t quite 2 they let her “compete”) and had so much fun that she continued to run, giggle, and say “I’m going to get you!” for the remainder of the lap around the track. You know, a 370m cool down. #futuremarathoner

She was very intrigued by the long jump. Running down the runway was all smiles, but she stopped a few feet out from the pit. Then she needed help jumping walking from the board into the sand.

Thursday the 14th: Not scheduled, but I was SO tired.

I went to a quilt meeting instead. I found baby #2’s quilt pattern idea! I’ll share the idea soon. Ohhh, suspense!

A guest speaker showcased a ton of her quilts. So inspiring! … also very dangerous as I sat there thinking, “hmmm… I need a new project! What should I make next??”

I do NOT need another project. Y’all know how that is, though 🙂

Tall Pines pattern. This would be fun to make as a Christmas wall hanging. 

Gotta make good life choices sometimes, you know.

Friday the 15th: Another 6 miler, 8:30 pace

Saturday the 16th: The TNC mile!

K came down from the Cities and Marco ran down to meet us. What is the TNC mile, you’re asking? Every summer I send out “seed” mile times for TNC folks based on their latest or best “A” race.

K’s seed time was a 6:20 and she ran a 6:21 – she might win the “closest to the pin” award 🙂
M’s seed time was a 5:03 but was running without anyone to help him. He still mustered a 5:20 which he thought was an all-out mile PR.

I was able to muster a 6:35, which made me happy! I did another solo mile effort to finish my workout for the day (6:40), and then we headed to a hill to finish up K’s workout. It was a fun morning – and wow, was I glad to get the workout done early in the day. It is HOT and HUMID out!!

9 miles total.

Sunday the 17th: The day Mesa used one of her 9 lives (or however many lives dogs have!):

-Mesa and I met up with 2 people for a run in the arb. I had run with the woman once, but had never met the guy before. Yay Facebook groups for helping to introduce me to new training partners in/around town!
-It was hot. Very hot.
-We let Mesa off her leash at 1/2 way so she could take a dip in the river.
-We stood on the trail for a little while and then went to check on her.
-There she was, paddling like mad but floating farther and farther down the river! YIKES!

Not her. But same expression.

-Ryan didn’t even bat and eye. He threw off his running shoes and jumped in, swimming to catch her and bring her to the side of the river.
-I wanted to give Ryan a huge hug, but he was completely drenched, so I just had to verbalize my huge thanks! I’m really not sure what I would have done if he hadn’t been there. Would I have thought to jump in? Would I have let her drift off for a while, hoping she would make it to a side — and what if she wasn’t able to/smart enough to know to do that? Hmm… guess I’ll never know!

Mesa and I made it home, safe and sound, logging 9 miles for the day.

Mon through Sun the 17th weekly total: 41 with 2 days off

Total miles for this pregnancy = 1582.2

Your turn:

Share your mileage totals and any adventures that might have happened mid-run!

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