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So, I haven’t been very good about posting my “race day” blog, mainly because I know it’s going to take over an hour to write. Maybe shorter, maybe longer… but nonetheless, more time than I’ve had lately.

This Tuesday I flew out to Amsterdam for a European strategy session (cool!) & will be here until Tuesday. Then I take a train over to Berlin, where I’ll attend a lifestyle trade show for a few days. Nate is coming out on Saturday, and he’ll come with me to Berlin & we’ll extend the trip for a few extra days. Should be fun!

So far, the highlight has been (next to the working sessions, of course πŸ™‚ finding a track club at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam & joining them for a workout. Pretty sure at first they thought I was a joke: I’m hardly 5’1, don’t look like much of a runner, and after an “on your own run/warm-up”, they do a bunch of weird plyometrics and hopping drills. I honestly couldn’t do about half of them. I could see what they were doing, but couldn’t mimic it at all. The coach of the club tried to help me, but basically ended up telling me that I need to start more of this stuff :). Ok, I admit, I probably should…

I hopefully looked less ridiculous on the track. 1st workout back after the marathon, so I wanted to make sure I eased into it a little bit (and I wouldn’t have chosen a track workout for the day, but it was too fun to turn down). I started with the mid-distance group (mistake, but I had no idea which group was which since they all speak Dutch). I ran just behind the first woman, not really winded. She looks at her watch and says something about the time. She asks me what my 1500m times are. I told her I had no idea — I haven’t raced that since college, and pretty sure it was very slow. I told her my recent marathon time, and she exclaimed an expletive (F*) very loudly. Found out later that that seems to be one of their favorite words. Mildly amusing.

But anyway, turns out the Netherlands isn’t much of a marathoning country, and they thought I’d be one of the top 2 (if not the top) marathoner. They talked to the coach, and I was moved into a group of fast-looking 10k guys.

The reward for running fast is having to run faster, right? πŸ™‚

Anyway, the workout went great. 11 600s (I missed one when switching groups) with 1 minute rest, 5 minutes after every 3rd one. I went through in about 2:05-2:07 each time. Felt relaxed and easy, and could tell it was an excellent threshold workout by the last 2-3.

As I left, the coach and some of the runners invited me back for Monday. I might make an effort to get over there. Nothing like having a group to run with, even if the only words I can really understand is their expletives :).

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  1. First, you do look like a runner, though I know what you mean. Second, there's always great times at the Rotterdam Marathon, so maybe it's just Amsterdam that isn't much into marathoning. Third, I speak some Dutch – I could teach you how to swear in Dutch. Fourth, running drills are hard to learn and probably help more for short distance than marathons, but they can help with technique, especially if you do them on hills. Fifth, 2:44?…"F***"

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