Giveaway: Circle the Lake 1/2 Marathon, 10k and 5k

It’s time for another giveaway! Hip, hip, hoo-ray!

The Circle Lake Association puts on the annual Circle the Lake 1/2 Marathon, 10k and 5k every year in September. This year it’s held Sept 24th. It’s perfectly timed as a tune-up for TCM!

It’s a challenging, hilly course. They definitely live up to their catchy tag line “One Hill of a Race”, so you’ve been warned!

Some fun things:

They give out a poly/cotton blend T-shirt, which I’m a big fan of. I would much rather have a soft T-shirt to lounge in than a cheap tech-T with a weird cut/fit. Aren’t you with me?


A fun medal, although I’m personally not a huge fan of getting medals at races. I’d rather they save the cost or give out something different – I actually talked to the race director last year about a couple of ideas for future years! But – don’t get me wrong – it’s a great medal!

Dogs are welcome to run as well (with their owners, preferably). AWESOME.

Last year Sara, a TNC athlete, notched the overall women’s win and Marco took second for men! Maybe we can get a few more TNCers/NicholeRunning readers there this year??

Marco cruising in to clinch 2nd place!

Photo credits: Circle the Lakes Association


Fun giveaways: this year they are working on a gym membership, FREE GLIDER RIDE, and gift certificates from businesses. You also get a free soda or Bloody Mary after the race. Yummm, diet coke after a hard run :).

 Please consider making the trip to Faribault on September 24th this year for the race! It’s bound to be a great time!! Take a look at their website for more info on their course, timing, and other details.


To enter, comment below with one or two ideas for training, coaching, racing, strength training, running while pregnant, or other blog topics you would like to see. One idea gets you one entry into the drawing, two ideas for two entries, and three ideas for three entries!!

Creative, informative, and useful topics will grant you an entry – as much as I’d like to dedicate my corner of the internet to writing about “Mountain Goats”, “Best Vacuums on the Market Right Now”, or “Should I date a bald man”, well… 🙂

Comment away! A winner will be chosen this Sunday evening (8/14/16).

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  1. 3 ideas.
    1. A blog post about how running helps control asthma. I could be a reference.

    2. What begging runners can expect. I also would be a good reference.

    3. Tips for running with your dog.

  2. Long(ish) time reader, first time commenter. I ran this half last year and it is a challenging course (though I finished 4th with a half PR). I was going to pass this year, but can't pass up a shot at a free entry. So:

    1. Returning to training after calf or hamstring pulls.

    2. Biggest adjustments (mental and physical) between race distances.

    3. Getting out of training ruts – creative workouts for people with relatively limited time to run each day.

  3. 1. Without giving away all your secrets for winning, a blog post on competitive strategy would be interesting. What are some good ways to go for the win, or at least beat the friend you've always been just behind.

    2. How has your approach to coaching changed in the years you've been doing it?

    3. Mixed pace workouts. I think I notice that most of the workouts you post about are focused on a particular pace. Do you do mixed pace workouts, what do you think of them? I had a season where due to work travel I was basically able to get in one workout a week for a while, so I did 4-5 sessions that spring of variations on 3km at Marathon pace (2 mins rest), 3km at 10mi-1/2 m pace, 3 x 1000, or 2 x 1000 + 3 x 400 to finish.

  4. Regardless if I get selected I'm going to have to beat my own course record and race again this year. As an FYI to people whom are reading this blog , here is my description of the course:
    Road, gravel, the biggest rock hill you have ever seen, marsh, and more road- truly a challenging course and beautiful run event!

    As for the purpose of the blog:
    1) Trail Ultras – how much mileage is suggested that one trains? Since it's longer than a marathon, is ones volume higher? And how does one train for road racing and trail at the same time? (Not that I am currently trying to do this at all:))
    2) for those that have crazy work schedules like myself …. Workout ideas that require less time but are still beneficial for when training for longer races? Staying motivated after 1hr plus commutes ….
    3) running in the humidity and NOT Dying, feeling dizzy and awful the entire time. I'm convinced I am not meant to run In this stuff . Can one get used to it if one keeps trying ?!
    4) bonus … So we can't talk about mountain goats anymore? Shoot , I have a story …

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